Thursday, July 26, 2007

Alaskan Honeymoon

Bubbie's son and Daughter in law are on a trip in Alaska.

*(Bubbie wrinkles her nose and pouts while she counts her exciting traveling experiences without the need of hands)

They have called and have kept us up to date on their adventures. They zip-lined in the deciduous forests in Ketchekan, and took a helicopter to tour a glacier on the way to a site where they could ride (drive?) a dogsled. They are having a wonderful time!

All this, mind you, from the boy that would stand by nervously and watch his sister ride on the fastest, scariest roller coasters and then have to endure her endless teasing.

They have promised exciting pictures and video. Check back, I've been told there's video of two bears boinking. Who would wanna miss that? :)