Monday, July 23, 2007

Orange Vanda

I love orchids. They don't have to be a rare or exotic specimen, although they interest me too, they are all so beautiful. I don't go as far as to get familiar with the latin names for the species, but I am knowledgable about some of the different types and have been pretty lucky to have them thrive and bloom. It helps of course that I live in a perfect climate for them, mother nature does most of the work.

This is a Vanda that is more than happy to live under my CarrotWood tree (sorry, an invasive exotic but nice shade). It is more than 18" tall with a mature kiki (that's it's baby) and had two full flower spikes this spring. I think that's pretty amazing for a plant that doesn't live in soil, and gathers all it's nutrients from the tree and all it's inhabitants that it lives under.