Monday, August 6, 2007

Bubbie, Bubble, Toil and MS Treatments ?

I thought J.W.Waterhouse’s, Magic Circle would be a good illustration for the Bubbie Blog today. It came to my attention that some “traditional” and not so traditional medicines could both easily be believed as ingredients in a magic cauldron. Although I found no reputable medical reference for using Eye of Newt or Sparrow Wings I did find some rather surprising ingredients.

Did you know that a form of Interferon Beta 1-A, that matches the one that occurs naturally in the human body is made by extracting it from the ovaries of Chinese Hamsters? (as in Avonex, one of the popular MS treatments)

(Hamster ovaries? And why Chinese? Bigger ovaries? Bubbie’s trying to picture the future of Hamster farming…miles of little hanging water bottles, the deafening sound of all those exercise wheels…)

The poor Chinese Hamster is certainly not the first of animal species to have their females working for modern medicine. Pregnant mares have long been the natural resource for female hormone replacement made from their urine. There are studies being done on hormones and MS, so why not stir in some horse piddle too?

In traditional Chinese medicine they have myriad of horns, herbs, roots and powders and not all of them are botanical in nature. So, why is it that the the modern pharmaceuticals seem so surprising to me when I see that they were not just conjured up from thin air from the marvels of modern science and chemical alchemy?

And, knowing this, why is it that my doctors would rather write me a prescription for anything from constipation to insomnia than for me to take an over the counter, “natural” supplement that has been known for generations and by many cultures to alleviate the problem?

I'm still searching for ingredients for my cauldron. I'm looking into lobster, shrimp and clam shells. Sound yummy? I'll write more about them later.


mdmhvonpa said...

"Chinese Hamsters"?

GHAA! Toil and trouble indeed!

Bubbie said...

thanks for stopping by. You can count on me for highlighting the strange and bizarre items I find amusing. LOL