Sunday, August 19, 2007

Funny? Depends!

Odd things often strike me as funny. I’m not much on just a little demure “tee hee” or polite chuckle, it never happens that way. Well, maybe it begins that way, but the chuckle is forgotten as quickly as it gives way to something that more resembles convulsive fits.

The more inappropriate the situation, the more likely my beverage is to come out through my nose. When reason calls for a low profile, anonymity, or political correctness, and I am smitten (yes, I said smitten) by a word or situation that sends me reeling, I am the one covering my red, tear stained face, hoping no one asks and that they will just walk away wondering why I was crying.

Remember Ed Wynn’s character of Uncle Albert in Mary Poppins? That was my favorite segment of the movie. Maybe Uncle Albert and I suffer from the same affliction.

There have been many studies on laughter and the brain in healthy people and people with neurological diseases. Apparently I can be excused for my inappropriate responses.
Long before my diagnosis with MS, my family and I used to refer to the phenomenon as Inappropriate Emotional Response, a very serious, scientific sounding title. We have heard that there is even a drug prescribed for those with this grim sounding affliction.

But…be grim no more.

Today in my inbox I received a reputable MS newsletter that promised to discuss in full detail the cover topic:

EMOTIONAL INCONTINENCE! They gave it a new name!

The very name gave me an immediate mental picture of someone like me wearing an adult diaper on their head, and from there you can imagine the rest…..only if I had, I’d not still be wiping snotletts of this morning’s coffee off my keyboard and monitor.



O' Ma Gawd, Becky!! That is one of the funniest posts I have read in a long time! Thank you, thank you!!! (Off to change the diaper on MY noggin' after reading this)

Linda D. in Seattle

Bubbie said...

Bubbie in Florida doesn't know who Becky is. ????? how's the soly going?

Vicki said...

Don't you dare take a drug for your IER. There should be a drug for people who never have an inappropriate emotional response!