Monday, August 13, 2007

Post MS Flare and Solumedrol part 2

My second day after finishing three days of infusion. This is how I feel:
Take this mandala, put it up in a giant IMAX theater, animate it so it spins, and stand somewhere in the center with nothing to hold on to.
I thought after solu, I would feel like Wonder Woman, not Superman covered in kryptonite.
I felt and functioned better in the height of the flare!
Now I want to know who coined the phrase (or should I say slogan), " I have MS but MS doesn't have me."? Was it a marketing manager at some drug company?
Get real...something sure as hell has me. I hope it lets go before I forget who I was.


maggie's mind said...

I don't know why my other comment on the last post never made it, but I could look at those pictures forever.

I also think that since MS is a part of your life, it makes sense that you would want to talk about it and especially if you are finding any amount of relief from something.

Bubbie said...

hey Maggie, glad you like my pictures.
I agree, it's good to have a community like this where we can share, it's just that I've been so damned good at this DENIAL thing. It's great when it works :)
Ya know, I don't think it's having MS as much as the uncertainty of what it could spring on you next.