Saturday, August 11, 2007

Post MS flare and Solumedrol

This Mandala was sent to me recently with an explanation of it's significant chakra, and it's meaning for meditation. Sorry, but MS has mislabeled all the new data for the filing cabinets of my mind and I'll be damned if I can remember what it was all about, or what it should be filed under. I just know that I found it to be a pleasing symmetrical design to gaze at with a soothing color. (If anyone has more info...write on please)

Kinda trippy actually....almost looks like traveling through deep space with galaxies and stars whizzing past. Maybe it's inner space?

I generally don't feel comfortable writing about my experiences with MS. I don't want to complain, whine or rant. There ARE worse things than Multiple Sclerosis, but the fact remains MS does indeed Suck.

Today being the first day I an type with both hands, the IV do-hicky that was taped to the back of my right hand was removed this afternoon following the last of my 3 day Solumedrol treatment. This was my first experience with IV steroids. I know it's probably too soon to say but I had terrible times twice before with oral doses, so I feel this is a great improvement.

I guess I didn't realize just how bad my symptoms were flaring, just powering through them, with an "oh, well...I have MS" attitude. After the second day I was amazed at how much better I felt. I know it's not a cure, but a quick fix. It's a welcome one right now.

Other than extreme thirst and a pounding heart beat and a little anxiousness, I'm looking forward to getting back into a daily routine that will be less affected by MS symptoms and more by my desires.

Wishing you all Health , Wealth and Abundance,



Merelyme said...

wow...i had to work hard to find your comments section. it was waaaaay down here. i had asked my neuro what meds there were for symptoms. she didn't really answer. so this stuff helps? i for one appreciate when you do talk about your MS. it helps me to know what goes on and how you deal with it. i hope you are feeling better.

Bubbie said...

see, my blogging knowledge is still in pre-K. I don't know how my comment section fell way down here. LOL.
Let's give the solu treatment a few days to see if it was worth it. High doses of preds have their downsides. I am having an easier time getting up and moving around, much less pain, but still pretty weak. But the IV treatment was so much better than taking it orally.
I'll keep ya posted. Thanks.