Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wanna know a secret?

Big Sigh

I've been a reader of Jung, Joseph Campbell, Allan Watts, Zukov and even theoretical physicists explaining quantum mechanics for many years.

If nothing else, this Bubbie is very open minded and fairly well read.. Very little surprises me, many things strike me as absurd, and some things just piss me off.

I do believe in personal power. I believe that you can choose to be miserable and make everyone around you the same, or you can choose to make the best of things by changing your attitude. If you expect the worst in people or situations my bet is that you will not be disappointed. Should you spend your time focusing on all the negatives (your health, the environment, the economy, GWB...) that's where your focus will bring you...more schtuff to bitch about. I've done it, and I'm sure I'll do it again, but I know I don't want to dig a hole and stay there. I try to find the humor in it, or if it's something I can do something about, like write a letter, or vote, I do it.

****note: I'm sure that's why I get singled out for extra security check every time I fly.....lots of letters*****

Back to my rant-o-the-day

I often get inspirational emails. Some are serious, some are fun and some, well.... lets say deleting doesn't do them justice. They need to suffer, maybe be sent to Gitmo or..... ( ut oh, my mind is going places it should not go). you know THE SECRET ????????????

Yes you know the book everyone was talking about this past year. Oprah knows The Secret. can do or have anything you desire on this physical plane of existence just by thinking it, expecting it and feeeeeeling it.

So..."What's your problem? " I ask in my best imitation Jersey accent.

This just in Bubbie's inbox:

, AWAY. You could have every deadly disease known to man, within
you, today, and if you chose different feeling thoughts tomorrow, they would all
leave your body. They are not physical things that have jumped into you. They
are the reflection of your not allowing your natural Connection. It's nothing
more complicated than choosing better feeling thoughts. For example, you just
had a weak moment, and now you feel guilty. Guilt causes cancer, and all kinds
of other things. You felt fear. Fear causes cancer. Fear or anger or jealousy,
or guilt, are your indicator that the thought you are choosing is contradictory
to, and is, hindering, the Source Energy. The key is to not give anything that
you do not want much of your attention. As soon as you realize it doesn't feel
good — do your very best to turn your attention someplace else.

Then this:

Sickness is not because cells have turned bad. Sickness is
because cells are not being allowed the fullness of the Energy response. It's
sort of like an electrical short. Mending a physical body is the simplest thing
in the Universe, because the cells are eager to transmit and receive. Universal
Energy, or God Force, is eager to transmit and receive. And if the consciousness
involved, which is the personality that you know as you, is in an open and
receiving way, then those responses can be restored in the moment -- in this

Hey...if this works for you, fine. Let me know how it goes.

If like me, you are finding this irritating, nauseating, appalling ...telling you that YOU are responsible for your condition or disease you can rant and bitch with me.

Then we'll go sip some fragrant tea, as we bask in the warmth of the sun, on Ms.O's veranda overlooking the Hawaiian coastline as we ooh and ahh the pretty flowers and rainbows. I know I'll feel sooooo much better then.


mdmhvonpa said...

If I had that kind of power over reality, I would be able to wander the universe and traverse the distances between stars in seconds ... hmph. Someone has been watching too much star trek.

Anne said...

Hi Bubbie:

I think that book (The Secret) was written for all those "new ager's" in California and other places. Just think it and it will be so? I've had MS for over 30 years and I've thought it away quite a few times. Guess what? It is still here. Fear causes cancer? Gee, I wonder what causes MS. hmmmm. I'm joining you in the ranting. And then I'm gonna write a book just as trite and make a lotta money, just so I can feel better. (smile)

Although ranting does help. (smile) Have a nice Labor Day Weekend. Anne
(disabled not dead)

Bubbie said...

hey, mdmh...what exactly is your handle? Didn't take you for a trekki. Personally into Star Gate and Eureka now myself.

Bubbie said...

Thank you Ann, I think what bothers me the most about those claims, is the almost superior or judgemental stance it infers: If you are sick (and we are not) you must not be good/righteous/inline with Spirit/know our Secret. Lucky them...until God forbid they fall from grace. Your right though, it SELLS books.