Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Come On Down!

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For extreme lack of anything remotely intelligent to say I have added a game to Bubbie's Blog.
I would like to see Ms. Cheese, Merelyme, Mr. MDMHwhoever in Pennsyltucky join in, as well as all of the other bloggers out there that I've yet to get to know better. And YOU! You lurkers! I know who you are...Bubbies family and friends that NEVER leave a comment or message but read every post. You didn't think I knew, huh?
Shake that filing cabinet up! Get those neurons firing! It's a battle of the uh...what's it called again? OH! Grey Matter!
You will see the links on this page: One in green at the bottom of the blog, atop my shameless advertisements, and the other, complete with daily scoreboard in the yellow box on the right panel.
The short quiz is timed, and full of incredibly useless trivia. As you can see from my score, I did not make up the questions, nor do I have access to the answers before hand. (the fog is thick today)
To play you need only to register once with your screen name and a password of your choosing.
Points are awarded according to score and time. The winner is awarded extra points at the end of the day. ( It's EST for you west coasters) You can play only once a day and as many days of the week you choose. Your points accumulate and can be exchanged for virtual prizes.


mdmhvonpa said...

Top 50 Scores So Far Today

Player Correct Seconds Score
1. mdmhvonpa 9 91 809
2. Bubbie 8 192 608

Stupid Afganistan/Kabul question got me!

Bubbie said...

Very impressive considering you tried to mop up your brains with a dishrag earlier this week!

Bubbie said...

I moved the Yellow Score Board to the bottom of the blog. It didn't fit on the side.All links to the game are there.

LADY LUXIE said...

Hello there!

I was here some time ago...and some other time a whole way back I can remember....

(I'm writing fast because something seems to be wrong with my connection..pages aren't loading well and I lose comments...I hope this posts..)

I wanted to say thank you for dropping by my bloggy' home a post ago..

Will be back here soon :>

Have a nice day!