Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ready or Not

This is a picture of the cell from
one of these critter's ovaries. Oila ! The Chinese Hamster!

Why am I still so surprised ?

You may recall when this first came to my attention in a previous post. I had imaginings of stirring up some demonic or at least pagan concoction to cure all ills, like snakes and snails and puppy dog tails....

Many people including myself are surprised how our medicines are made and from WHAT!

When talking to #1 nuero's nurse last week, I mentioned it and she was aghast. She thought I was kidding. I almost wish I were. I agreed to try Rebiff as my new therapy. The titration doses arrived. It is printed right on the side of the box...Chinese hamster cells.

I start tomorrow!

After 2 years on copaxone with multiple flares and lesions multiplying, it was agreed that copaxone was not working for me. Hmmm. "Here, try this"

I've known about the more possible side effects and the less likely ones, but to stay monitored just the same. I'm really not thrilled.

The teaching/coaching nurse is coming tomorrow morning for my first injection. My snarky/snarling furry monster will have to visit his puppy friends for the morning lest I have a wounded bleeding nurse running for the nearest law office to file suit.

It should be fun....


mdmhvonpa said...

I'll await the protests by PETA outside your house ...

CC said...

Good Luck with Rebif. Remember to hydrate! Drink alot of water on the day of your injection. My other recommendation would be to take one to two Aleve about an hour before you inject and then another a few hours later.

Bubbie said...

Lucky for me I live in a circus town. They're busy chasing elephant handlers.