Saturday, October 20, 2007

Clean House

"Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone." - Gertrude Stein

I am grateful! Well, I am grateful for many, many things. Life, Love, Family,Friends, Health,Wealth, Land, Sky, Air, Puppy Dogs, Flowers, all of that. But for this particular week in time I am grateful for a sparkly clean house!

My quote is about voicing gratitude, but I can't picture Gertrude scrubbing toilets.

I have never been a person who could ever be even remotely confused with a Domestic Goddess. I grew up watching 50's sit coms and was repulsed by Donna Reed in her apron and pearls. (Don't get me started on the Cleavers)

And it's always been my motto that a clean house was a sign of a wasted life. There's just so many things that take precedence over scrubbing grout.

Then there's that Creative Mind theory... what would being a slave to my domicile do to my reputation as an artsy fartsy type? And now there's the difficulty of pushing a mop back and forth without falling on my face into the Mr.Clean.

But still, there's something about the feeling of walking into your own home and everything is CLEAN. Things sparkle that I had forgotten were sparkly. I have a beautiful view now out of my sliding glass doors, not to mention there's nothing sticking to the bottom of my bare feet.

Before you panic, I didn't lose my mind in a steroidal rage and begin a cleaning frenzy. That could never happen. It was a birthday present! My daughter contacted a service that sent two Professional Cleaning Women to my home for FOUR hours!

An amazing present from a very loving a thoughtful daughter. I am grateful!

"Cleaning House" also makes me think of purging, getting rid of things that no longer serve you. Sometimes we can become overwhelmed when our lives become literally or figuratively cluttered. I am distracted easily these days, whether it be from my meds or my disease, and having things organized and clutter free provided a relief to me that I would have never expected. I'm on a roll now. I've gone through my closets, dressers and pantry's and have culled everything that does not serve me now. I am no longer saving things that might fit if I lost a few inches here or there, or shoes that went fabulously with one dress but kill your feet and that one dress has been gone long ago.

It's a fabulous feeling, and all without the pruney fingers and sore back! Maids! An incredible invention. Eat your heart out Donna Reed!



Life is very sweet...

And a clean hut ain't all that bad, either! LOL

Linda D. in Seattle

Merelyme said...

can i just tell you how very envious i am! my house is the land of clutter. enjoy the sparkling clean feeling. i will vicariously enjoy it from here.

so good to see you my friend. i have returned from a week of appointments and general mayhem. let's catch up!

mdmhvonpa said...

LOL! "a clean house was a sign of a wasted life" So then, I must be getting a 119% return on my life since the Manor is a complete MESS!

Bubbie said...

Mdm...when the tyrants become adults and go off on their own, maybe they too will treat you.

mdmhvonpa said...

That would be a SUPERB ROI ... not so much the clean house or that they grew up AND moved out, but that they thought of taking time out of their schedule of ruling the world to give their old man a helping hand.

Bubbie said...

mdmh....See! In the words of Judy Tannuda "It Could Happen!!!"

Have myelin? said...

I once (mind you...just once!) treated myself to Molly Maid and it was *bliss*. More so than a massage!

I didn't want anyone to move around in my house for a week- lest they muss it up!

Came back up to say the word verification I have to type in this time is truly, truly a challenge! OMG!