Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Loudon Wainwright performs Dead Skunk at Rockpalast Germany

This is for the Kiddies. My little granddaughter loves to sing. She sings to me on the phone. I have to listen carefully to decipher whether it's the "ABC" song or "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

It occurred to me that her momma and her Uncle (my son and daughter) never sang nursery rhymes unless of course their daddy and I made some verse modifications of our own. They sang funny folk songs from some of our favorite and some obscure singer songwriters.

If you are not familiar with Loudon Wainwrite lll, you may remember him from the movie "MASH", he was the troubadour that sang the "Suicide is Painless" opening song. If not and you are from the "other" generation, you might know him as Rufus Wainwrite's dad.

So this is a ditty that my kids should remember, especially on long car rides, (I don't think we messed them up too and one to teach the grand baby. Now let me hear you sing it out!

You'll be cursing me when you find yourself humming this at work later in the day.....



HAPPY BIRTHDAY, O' WISE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**there...I've successfully outted you and my work here is complete**

Linda D. in Seattle

Zee said...

OMG, I adore Loudon Wainwright! My dad introduced me to this gem when I was a kiddo and I've always loved it. :) The Swimming Song is another favorite.

Thanks for swingin' by my blog! (And, er, happy birthday! ;-)

Bubbie said...

Thank you very much! It was a good day and I'm looking forward to a good year (MS be damned). Lots of new insights and clear direction. Now all I need is the proverbial BOOT.

Bubbie said...

TY Zee:
You gotta love Loudon. The swimming song is great too. "Therapy" is a fave as well as the "Acid Song". (All too true and too funny for old heads. lol)

Have myelin? said...

OMG! I even blogged about that song many moons ago.

Oh, Happy Birthday!!! :-}

I have a nursery rhyme fetish. Didja know? *blush*