Monday, October 29, 2007

Miracle on Bubbie's Street / Secret MS Santa

It seems I have been tagged by Sherry at Word Salads. The meme is to write the 10 things you would want from your Secret MS Santa without regard to cost. (Permission to go wild)

Considering it's not yet Halloween and we have been conditioned to already think of Santa Clause :

  1. Shorten the Christmas Season. - I went to MalWart last week for Halloween candy and was inundated with all things Christmas! One entire huge area was already designated to overwhelm me with the fact that Christmas lasts 3 freakin months! It's a marathon.

  2. A summer home in a cool elevation. - This summer in south Florida nearly did me in. The heat and the oppressive humidity was literally paralyzing.

  3. A personal secretary.- One that must have accounting and legal experience. My bills need to go out on time, a dozen different pills need to be ordered from the mail order pharmacy in a schedule that I have yet to figure out, insurance claims need to be kept up with and follow ups made to make sure everyone is paid, social security, medicare, taxes, and my personal calender all need to be maintained.

  4. Personal Training Sessions with Cesar, the Dog Whisperer.- That just needs no explanation. If you have ever met the furry monster you know, he's the pack leader.

  5. A Tank.- One like Donald Southerland drove as "OddBall" in the war movie who's name escapes my MS mind. (negative waves, Moriarty) I need one to navigate (run over) traffic on US 41 in South Florida in season. Snow birds can't drive!

  6. A Therapist. - a hypnotist, shaman, voodoo priest, whatever it takes to erase the negative memories and connotations I have with Christmas' past.

  7. Another Therapist.- Specifically, my massage therapist, Chuck. I used to see him once a week and it was joyous! Shiatsu, Acupressure, Neuromuscular, Energy work,soothing music, aromatherapy and candles. Alas, BCBS found reason not to pay him. I want him back!

  8. A Powder Blue Convertible T-Bird. - Now we're getting to the fun stuff. Of course the tank is a necessity, but the t-bird will be the luxury.

  9. Maids.- The maid service I had for my birthday on a regular basis. Whoopie!

  10. A Wonderful Holiday spent with friends and family

You thought I might forget, but NO! I tag Merelyme, Sharon, and our new friend Callie. Let's see your lists.


Have myelin? said...

I love your list! Can we share the massage therapist? :-} That's essential along with the "tank". I hear ya. LOL.

Diane J Standiford said...

I know I'm behind on this comment, my MS must be messin' w/me today, but here goes--love cows too(from Indiana, my uncle was a dairy cow farmer and taught me to milk a cow at 4yrs old, I still get the "don't drink milk," speech (from STRANGERS), get lots of advice. They mean well. Your list is wonderful. You go, girl!