Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Clouds are the one thing that Florida has that I have always found to be exceptional.
The list of the unacceptable would take more than a blog, but I could begin with bugs, lizards, gators, snakes, humongous mosquitoes, every shade of pink stucco homes all the same side by side for miles and miles on end. Ahh, and then there's the humidity. 97 degrees may or may not be tolerable, but when the humidity is the same percent it is only fit for the creatures named above.
Oh! And that giant mouse that took over the entire central state! Lets not go there today....
So, back to clouds and idleness...
I took this picture at Lake Apopka a couple of weeks ago. A little weekend trip that was curtailed by the snarky hairy beast that I brought with me. He loves to travel and ride in the car. He just isn't welcome anywhere we go. The darling pekenese/tibetan spaniel knows nothing of dharma. He wants to viciously attack anyone who remotely threatens my personal space. And to him my space is limitless.
So, back to clouds...
I have had my fill of idleness. I'm tired of all this idleness.
For those of you that don't know I'm still in recovery from my last giant MS flare in August that left me with 13 new shiny hyper intensities. Yup lesions.
I've been switched from Copaxone to Rebiff.
Yes...remember the Chinese Hamster Ovaries... I inject them now 3 times a week, and my body does not seem to be joyful about it.
I have ALL of the listed ill side effects and I have nothing to do but accept my idleness. With a head that seems to constantly pound I cannot even make an attempt at any philosophical or profound conclusions. I just sit an admire the clouds.


mdmhvonpa said...

Poofy clouds ... we are expecting some of those next week when we visit Florida.

Have myelin? said...

Poofy my head when I visit myself.

I have had my fill of idleness after one yummy day of deliciousness.

I tend to create patterns in popcorn ceiling bumps. Have you tried that one?

The Rebif burn- how does it compare to the Copaxone?

Bubbie said...

Hey Myelin,
te rebiff doesn't give me the same nasty injection site reactions copaxone did. I find that the smaller gauge needle and the design of the autoinjecter superior to that of copaxone's. Now the side effects of the drug is another story..and not a pretty one. I may not be able to stay on this perscription.