Saturday, October 6, 2007


I've been tagged!

Ms. Cheese tagged with with this meme, "7 Random Things About Me". My very first meme! Be gentle with me.

I must remind her that 7 is NOT my number...LOL. OK. Here goes..prepare to be amazed and amused.

1. I was born within a few days of the launch of the Russian satellite, SPUTNIK. The anniversary of that launch was 50 years ago! My father thought it amusing to call me his little sputnik for long after it ceased to be cute.

2. Some people have seasonal disorders. I have directional disorder. Let me explain. I appear to be extremely sensitive to the directions, i.e. North/South/East/West. This was not well apparent until after years of being teased by my children about "Mom's space" and "Mom's chair". It was then realised that Mom's chair, easel, work space, bed, reading chair, always share the same direction. I am most at ease facing the South East. I have no idea what that means...

3. I was an exemplary student. Only once was I disciplined in High School. That incident was for pushing the envelope between good taste and freedom of speech in school newspaper's morning radio show. For music to accompany the announcement of the engagement of two teachers who had been hot and heavy for the past semester, I choose a selection from John Hartford's, Aeroplane: Hey Babe Ya Wanna Boogie, Boogie Woogie Woogie With Me. (complete with sound effects) It was soooo worth it.

4. For several years I worked for the circus. That would be THE CIRCUS, you know, 3 rings and all... (there's obviously more to this story than will fit in this list.)

5. I have a fear of clowns. (see number 4)

6. Dark waters. My darkest fear. Although a fair to excellent swimmer I'm sure I would drown if I found myself plunged into any depth of water at night. A shrink could have a field day with that one.

7. In my teens, I sang with a band that played opening week at Disney world's Land of Tomorrow space aged looking diner. The platform rose up from the lower levels and magically appeared in a poof of smoke on stage. We were so cool. And no, I never became a company owned Mouseketeer. I had too many ideas of my own and the bad girl image wasn't gonna fly back then.

    HAPPY NOW? Lets see, to whom shall I pass this on ?
    Bubbie tags Merlyme, MDHVMPA or whatever he calls himself (when he gets back from seeing the mouse), and Ann.
    Have fun!



OH, come on! Now you are going to HAVE to write a post about working for the circus! That's so unfair to leave this carrot dangling...LOL

I will sit by my computer night and day until it is read...

Linda D. in Seattle

Bubbie said...

Ms. Cheese:
So glad to be able to provide you with something to look forward to with so much anticipation. I'll know what to blog about when all else pales.

Have myelin? said...

The things we learn about our fellow bloggers! You worked for the circus! And you leave me hanging...

YAY! You can't spell mdhvoasnpa either.

harkoo said...

Can't wait to hear your circus stories. I can't ever remember how to spell mdnvopha either. I was shocked to learn he didn't eat meat in your cow story.

Bubbie said...

I can't believe that with all the fasinating factoids I revealed, you all just want to hear about what I did at the circus....
clue #1: I didn't wear fishnets