Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm Baaaaack !

The Bubbie is back.
We spent two weeks with my daughter in Virginia Beach.
I miss her and the baby already. I promise to bore you with pictures as soon as I get the time to download and go through the hundreds of pics and video I took of my grandbaby.
I'm busy unpacking suitcases, doing laundry, going through the mountainous pile of mail.
I'm making a list. I need groceries, dog food, meds refilled, phone calls to return....
We had a great time in spite of the disease exchange I took part in with my little booger-nosed baby. Everyone else just had a benign, although quite miserable head cold, while I decided to be more dramatic and engage in a high fever for several days. A trip to a doc-in-a-box had them puzzled as to the source of my fever. I tested negative for flu, strep, chest exray was clear (nasty smoker that I am, that was good news), but urine sample was suspicious. A script for Bactrim either worked, or I was already finished with this drama anyway...who knows. So, go in with Upper Respiratory Infection and come out with a UTI...go figure.
I cooked a turkey and lots of veggies, even a pumpkin and cherry pie. It was a very nice Thanksgiving.
My daughter took me to The A.R.E. for one afternoon. For me that is a "must" when in Virginia Beach. We took in a lecture and an excercise in telepathy and I spent some time in the research library. A good friend of her's works there and led me to a ton of interesting material that I will share with you in a future post.
My puppy is whimpering for my attention. I missed the furry varmint. My birds had two eggs hatch before I left and I now have 2 new babies almost ready to fly. One large vanda orchid is ready to bloom and needs my attention. I don't believe it rained here while I was gone. Groceries to buy...where the hell is my list? I should be back to my "normal" in a day or two.
And..oh! I almost forgot my laundry in the wash!


Sharon said...

Glad your back Bubbie! Nice to hear how much fun you had with your family. Not happy that you got sick. It happens around those little boogers. Can't wait to see some pics.

mdmhvonpa said...

Heh ... disease exchange. Black market sale of the plague, I tell ya!


Well, look what the cat dragged back in!!! LOL Hurry and get caught up on that "life" crap so we can chat again soon.

(Glad you had a most excellent time, in spite of your malaria...did they check you for that?!?)

Linda D. in Seattle

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Bubbie!

About A.R.E., I've been a member since 1980, and a avid reader of anything to do with Cayce.

The workshops are great, the conferences are better. Treat yourself.

Glad to see you,

Have myelin? said...

Did everyone move in with you yet? :-)

Diane J Standiford said...

I have always believed that Spirit is the Life. My 100 yr old great-aunt and I are also psychic. Happy to hear you survived the little boogers!

Merelyme said...

bubbie is back! yay! we have missed you so!

Bubbie said...

I have tried (no lie) 4 times prior to reply to these comments. My computer always froze before posting.
I'm glad to be home, albeit still hot and muggy. I'm still going through hundreds of pictures I took (proud Bubbie that I am).

Ann: Would love to chat about Cayce readings on health with you.
At first glance they seem strange, but then again, so are Chinese Hamster Ovaries!