Friday, September 28, 2007

Very First Picture

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NO! That's not an image of mine!
(you were thinking that her brain MRI is very messed up?)
It's actually a picture of my Daughter in Law's Uterus.
She'll probably hate this...but it's so cool! She knows I love her, and that I'm excited and just a little crazy sometimes. They didn't have all this cool imaging stuff when I had babies.
So this is the beginnings of the newest member of our family. Just a little peanut of yet undetermined gender. Bubbie believes it's a little boy. I started crocheting in baby blue before she even knew she was preggo.
I added a countdown to the big day at the bottom of the blog along with my Grandaughter's age.
I'll be a Double Bubbie next Spring!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Today's Blog is dedicated to the youngest of Bubbie's Young'uns.
He is 26 today.
(26 on the 26th)
Happy Birthday to You!
Love you and miss you...We'll celebrate when you visit next week.
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Only Ten?

(Dare to Slack poster ripped from )

While not feeling very creative and nothing coming to mind to blog about we have this courtesy of MSshad at Living with Mutt and Jeff:

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Things You Keep Putting Off:

Organizing my studio

Get new painting projects started and stick with them

Balance my checkbook

Clean out the mystery Tupperware contents from my refrigerator

Give the monster pooch a bath

Organize my pantry

Weed through clothing and drop at Goodwill

Weed through bookcases and donate volumes to Goodwill

Organise photographs that have been lying in wait

Clean the bird cage

Wait! Only 10? Trust me...I could go on...

Procrastination has been more and more of a problem for me since MS. Lack of motivation could be misinterpreted as a sign of depression. I feel like it's more of a lack of energy, therefore I have to choose my priorities on which task is of more importance. So, what is more important? Hmmm? Well, when you have gotten so far behind on what needs to get done, and yet want to save energy to enjoy what you want to do instead, it can be a tough a call.


*My studio is a mess

*I have yet to prep my next painting project

*My checkbook is hopeless

*There are very scary things in my refrigerator

*The dog smells like, well...a dog

*Sell and use by dates obviously mean nothing to me

*I have nothing to wear, yet my drawers and closet are full

* I have more books than bookcases

*I hope I remember who the pictures are of when I get around to filing them

*the hell with the birds

Maybe it just gets overwhelming sometimes. If I can just maintain equilibrium, stay just a hair below critical mass it will all be OK.

I found this interesting essay on Structured Procrastination written by John Perry in 1995.

I find it oddly comforting that I am not alone and that there will always be things that need to be done.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Feel Gooood Friday!


It's Friday! I know it's hard sometimes to make the distinction, for those of us not working due to disability....But still, it's the end of the week. Put it behind us, and do something that feels goooood!

This is a VERY special recipe for salsa. Believe me, it's not just any salsa. It's Black Bean Mango Salsa and it is goood! It makes you feel good. Trust me, we sometimes call it the Root Chakra Salsa. You'll just have to try it out to see what that means.

The secret is not just in the list of ingredients. The secret is how you make it.

Here's what you need:

  • about 2 cups of cooked black beans
  • 1/2 onion finely chopped
  • about 2 cloves of garlic minced
  • cilantro, a handful chopped
  • a mango diced
  • 1 to 2 jalapenos chopped
  • juice of 1 lime
  • 4 tomatoes chopped
  • sea salt
  • black pepper (don't be stingy)

Ok, so how to prepare this dish. First you have to get in the mood. You have to impart good energy into what you are preparing. Feeeeeel it. It's warm and zesty! Listen to your favorite music...move around a little, get that energy into your hands while you are chopping and put all ingredients into a large bowl. Now massage the ingredients together. NO GLOVES! You have to feeeel it. It has to be made with intention. This is going to be a sensual gastronomical experience like no other. Remember I said, root chakra.

My very good friend, Ms.Goat Momma, gave me this recipe. It is a favorite of ours. The secret of course is in the preparation, she reminded me. To get the very best results she recommends not only not wearing gloves, but wearing nothing at all.

Get some tortilla chips and Bon Appetite! It will be a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fear and Loathing *part one

In response to Ms.Cheese, the Buddha-Bubbie has fears of her own. Let's face it, MS is a disease that even on your best of days, it's always the back of your mind...WHAT'S NEXT?
(By the way..Love seeing those words in print Ms.Cheese. May have to send a link to my kids.LOL)

Ms. Joan expressed the same sentiments this week in her blog.

Ok life is full of uncertainty. We know that. The sky could fall, global warming could make my house beach front property, the economy could crash and we could put another Republican in the White House. (Ohhhh Gawd) The list goes on. It's enough to make you want that's too violent, I won't go there . LOL

But living with Multiple Sclerosis has it's own brand of uncertainty. Some live years with what they call benign MS. No symptoms to speak of...a little tingling here, a migraine there, and then nothing again for years. I probably would have fit that category had they diagnosed me 20 years ago. Some people get diagnosed when the symptoms were too tough to ignore and jump right into RR or PRR or PP MS.

But it doesn't matter where you are on the scale, once you have heard the news that you have Multiple Sclerosis you subjectively KNOW the future possibilities, inevitability's and prospects.

Hope hinges on new research in pharmaceuticals, or in prayer or denial.

All the while that "fear" is not so deep under the surface. What if? How will I? What will I? Which I usually follow with Oh Shit, damn, and other expletives. And then I usually move into a special kind of self loathing. I abhor whiners! And I'm whining....(somebody slap me!)

So I agree with Ms.Cheese. Realising and naming the fears we face is important in taming and dealing with them. If you are moving through your everyday routine, disguising and denying you have MS,(while everyone is telling you how great you look) and then suddenly (Like a wet kiss at the end of a hot fist) you get jack-slapped with a relapse that blasts the hell out of that denial mask you were wearing, you are going to fall....


I have been there, and most likely will be there again.
In Fear and Loathing *part deux, I promise to rant somemore. For now, I look marvelous in my denial mask.

Monday, September 17, 2007

This is Madness

"There is only one difference between a madman and me. I am not mad."
Salvador Dali Spanish painter

"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained." - MARK TWAIN I really want an explanation?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In A Hand Basket

Friendly looking critter isn't it?
No...not a Chinese Hamster, it's a Sloth.
He's a rather slow moving mammal that lives up in the forest canopies of Central and South America. Apparently he only moves when it's necessary and has a very slow metabolism. Is that his fault??? Bad rap buddy...being named after one of the Seven Deadly Sins. "Deadly" as in YOU ARE GOING TO HELL!

Well, I never have believed in the fiery after-life dimension called hell. I vividly recall, as a young "innocent" there were many a good sister looming largely over me at Saint Anthony's reminding me that I was heading there in a hand basket. "Hell" for me then was having to spend my days in the dreary institutional-green rooms, learning Latin prayers phonetically while never being taught the translation. But I digress......

Back to HELL.
Hell is finding yourself feeling like hell and not knowing what if anything you can do about it. How about taking a handful of pills everyday and none of them are any fun.
Not being able to plan events into the future...flares don't occur on a schedule.
Spending all your time and money on physicians and meds.
Days flying by with nothing accomplished.
Feeling like you've let your friends and family down.

OK...pity party over.
Snap out of it! It's OK. Everyone goes there from time to time...That's life.
In the words of Rosanna Rosanna Danna, "It's Always Something!".

Back to the Sloth.
Look at him. He's smiling! Actually he looks like he's high. He's a sloth and happy to be one.
Apparently I too am "slothy". I didn't used to be, but with MS and medications, I don't move very fast. Motivation is pretty low too.
I took an online quiz about the 7 deadly sins. It's been confirmed...I'm "slothy" (new word). And since I don't believe I'm going to hell, I should just be "slothier" and wear a big goofy grin.

Envy:Very Low
Lust:Very Low
Pride:Very Low

Take the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Come On Down!

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For extreme lack of anything remotely intelligent to say I have added a game to Bubbie's Blog.
I would like to see Ms. Cheese, Merelyme, Mr. MDMHwhoever in Pennsyltucky join in, as well as all of the other bloggers out there that I've yet to get to know better. And YOU! You lurkers! I know who you are...Bubbies family and friends that NEVER leave a comment or message but read every post. You didn't think I knew, huh?
Shake that filing cabinet up! Get those neurons firing! It's a battle of the uh...what's it called again? OH! Grey Matter!
You will see the links on this page: One in green at the bottom of the blog, atop my shameless advertisements, and the other, complete with daily scoreboard in the yellow box on the right panel.
The short quiz is timed, and full of incredibly useless trivia. As you can see from my score, I did not make up the questions, nor do I have access to the answers before hand. (the fog is thick today)
To play you need only to register once with your screen name and a password of your choosing.
Points are awarded according to score and time. The winner is awarded extra points at the end of the day. ( It's EST for you west coasters) You can play only once a day and as many days of the week you choose. Your points accumulate and can be exchanged for virtual prizes.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ready or Not

This is a picture of the cell from
one of these critter's ovaries. Oila ! The Chinese Hamster!

Why am I still so surprised ?

You may recall when this first came to my attention in a previous post. I had imaginings of stirring up some demonic or at least pagan concoction to cure all ills, like snakes and snails and puppy dog tails....

Many people including myself are surprised how our medicines are made and from WHAT!

When talking to #1 nuero's nurse last week, I mentioned it and she was aghast. She thought I was kidding. I almost wish I were. I agreed to try Rebiff as my new therapy. The titration doses arrived. It is printed right on the side of the box...Chinese hamster cells.

I start tomorrow!

After 2 years on copaxone with multiple flares and lesions multiplying, it was agreed that copaxone was not working for me. Hmmm. "Here, try this"

I've known about the more possible side effects and the less likely ones, but to stay monitored just the same. I'm really not thrilled.

The teaching/coaching nurse is coming tomorrow morning for my first injection. My snarky/snarling furry monster will have to visit his puppy friends for the morning lest I have a wounded bleeding nurse running for the nearest law office to file suit.

It should be fun....

Monday, September 3, 2007

Through a child's eyes

Outings are so much more fun when we can savor them through the children's eyes.
Lawana Blackwell, The Courtship of the Vicar's Daughter, 1998

Can't help it. I am compelled to post pictures of Bubbie's Grand baby. There's just something so uplifting in seeing the joy and wonderment in a child's eyes. Life is an exciting adventure, filled with promise and enthusiasm.

My son and daughter in law traveled to visit his sister for this holiday weekend. They had a wonderful reunion. They hadn't seen each other since his wedding in January. The baby has grown up so much since then. I wish I could have joined them, but they sent tons of pictures to add the the pile I have yet to scrap book. I'm so behind! I'd better catch up before the next grand baby arrives!