Tuesday, December 18, 2007

pictures and cookies

An hour with your grandchildren can make you feel young again. Anything longer than that, and you start to age quickly.

-- Author:Gene Perret

I have been amiss. I promised to post pictures from my 2 week hiatus with my grand baby at Thanksgiving. Here it is almost Christmas! I don't know where my time goes. Yes..that is I, the Bubbie, reading to the baby.
I had a wonderful time even with the upper respiratory crud that was so lovingly shared with me.
Camryn will be two in a few short days. She continues to be a wonderful Christmas present, and watching my daughter with her fills me with tremendous pride...she's a wonderful mommy.
My son and his wife will be arriving tomorrow and will be here for Christmas. Their baby is due in May. I love being a Bubbie!
Before closing this post I'll share my recipe for mint meringue cookies, so you might be able to whip up a batch before Christmas. I learned this one from my mother in law. It's a must-make for my hubby and kids.
You will need:
4 egg whites
1 1/2 cups of sugar
a few grains of salt
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 tsp. mint extract
1/8 tsp. cream of tartar
optional green or red food coloring
bag of chocolate chips
parchment paper
cookie sheets
use a stainless steel or glass mixing bowl for the egg whites
all utensils must be very clean and dry
separate eggs while cold but whip egg whites at room temperature
best results are with low humidity (a rarity in Florida)
preheat oven to 350 degrees
Beat egg whites with salt and tartar till they hold soft peaks
Add sugar gradually while continuing to whip
also add the extracts and food coloring
fold in the chips
Drop meringues on parchment covered cookie sheets
put them in the oven
leave temp on oven for a few minutes (maybe 3-5)
turn oven off and leave cookies in overnight
Don't open the door to peek!!
store in a airtight container lined with waxed paper

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bubbie MIBW

Bubbie has been MIBW (Missing In Blog World)

Thank you to all who have been concerned.

I am OK, it's just been an adjustment period. I could be officially considered mal-adjusted or worse.

The nightmare that was delivered by the tiny ovaries of ethnic hamsters is over. I have been officially declared intolerant of Interferon 1-a. Unofficially it has been well known for the last 3 months.

But...I'm taking it one day at a time and with the Holidays approaching at the speed of light I am looking forward to the New Year, a time to take a deep breath, sigh relief, and get on with the show.

I have been given one month to detox from the rebiff and then to render my decision on my future treatment . (Insert dramatic southern bell accent) The options are all so very wonderful...how ever will I decide?

The decision has been put on a virtual shelf. I am busy wrapping presents, baking cookies (today's batch will be pheffeneusse and mint meringues)

Happy Holidays to you all!

In the mean time, this is a new video that was sent to me by my local MS group.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Some Days You Just Wanna Puke

Curious isn't it? A culture that made a ceremony out of purging? This is from National Geographic.
This vessel found in NW Hondouras is believed to have been used by the Mayan to drink an herbal concoction that induced vomiting and therefore facilitated communing with dead ancestors.
Although I have never communed with my dead ancestor's as the result of puking my brains out, I have on occaision communed with someone or things "out there" before I reached critical mass and puked. At that point and for some time after, you don't want to talk to the dead, you are wishing you could join them quicky to end the earthly misery you have self inflicted.
Well those days are long gone for the Bubbie, but I still feel the need to purge. Not the physical things in my surroundings like in Spring Cleaning, it's the clutter in my head and the toxins I feel building up in my body that are in my scope. Looking at my medicine bag, the one I used as my carry-on for vacation I noticed how incredibly large it was. All drugs and the associated accoutrement's! Pills, syringes, cotton balls, alcohol wipes, catheters...I have become a virtual druggie. I have become dependent on meds, and meds for side effects of the aforementioned meds and so on and so on. Isn't that nuts? Much of my time is spent in counting, reordering, and drugstore runs.
So..do I feel better for it? Would I be worse without it?
I don't know, but I have been home 5 days and I have yet to gather my poop in a group. I know...vacations can do that, MS can do that, but I feel toxic. Something has to go.
Rebiff and I are on our second trial. I don't know why anyone with an educated mind (or half a one for that matter) would think that doing the same thing as before would produce different results is beyond me. It's also beyond me that I went along with it.
I have titrated up to the full 44mcg dose 3 times a week and I have surrendered 3 sleepless nights and 4 days to the side effects.
Sluggish? Mind fog? The idea of detoxing and starting anew is appealing...but where do you go from here? What are our viable choices when interferons don't agree?
I respect those who have chosen the new road on monoclonal antibodies, it just isn't something I feel comfortable in doing. I never felt comfortable with interferon either, but here I am.
I think I wanna puke.