Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Do you remember the Amazing Kreskin?
If not, you're just a young'un. He went on as a guest on TV shows in the 60's and I think he later had his own show where he did his amazing things. He read minds and showed the world examples of his uncanny ability to know the name of the card you were holding. Very tame stuff compared to what the illusionists and magicians do on TV today.
Well, I'm not blogging today on whether or not you believe in a sixth sense, but cyberworld has an interest in your ability or your lack of it. You see, search engines depend on words and images that correspond with what you are searching for. OK, so maybe it's not as much as the ability to "know" as much as it is a command of words and language.
Anyway...I digress. As a person with MS, I often have trouble finding the right word. I know it..it's there on the tip of my tongue, or it's on the tape and I'm waiting for my brain to rewind. This troubles me. Damn...I did have an English major with an Art minor. I'm well read. Now I have trouble remembering what I just read.
This website caught my attention. http://www.espgame.com/ It's run by Carnegie Mellon and they use the results from us playing the esp game with other gamers online to better understand what words we use to describe the pictures they show. This information is used to help search engines find just what it is we are looking for when we fill in the blank with just a word or two.
I warn you! The game is quick and addicting. After finishing one game and seeing the results you are hard pressed not to play one more time. But on the bright side, think of it as a cognitive excercise to keep those synapses ungunked.


Charles-A. Rovira said...

I don't believe in ESP, telekinesis, telepathy or any of these stories.

I explain why on next Monday's show, on the way to saying something else. (Its at
if anybody's wondering :-)

What I always found amazing about Kreskin, is that he's still plugging away at it.

People can call me an atheist, an unbeliever, a skeptic or just plain ornery, but I don't need any "boogie man" explanation for anything.

Bubbie said...

Although I do think Kreskin was pretty cheesey, I do believe in ESP in a way. Thoughts have energy, everything has ...and there are some that can pick up on it more often than others. But, the game is more of an excercise in finding common descriptive words for a given picture. Verbal games that might be a good cognitive excercise for those of us that feel dull and need a little sharpening. I thought it would be fun to share.

Shauna said...

Hi Bubbie,

I used to watch Kreskin as a kid and even had the board game. Sadly, I no longer have it. Otherwise I'd have had him sign it when he was in town.

My work place was sponsoring one of his appearances one year and he came in to the station to join the morning show. I did get to meet him and I have to say the guy is a character and a half. I went to one of his shows with a coworker and the look on her face when he guessed the number that everyone in the room was thinking of was priceless. After the show, I told Kelli I knew how he did it. (And I did have a pretty good idea) But she didn't want to know. It's the same with magic. I love Penn and Teller - if you want the "magic" of magic to disappear, watch these fellas. Kreskin is a man who studies and knows human behaviour and knows and studies numbers and odds. And he has figured out an entertaining way to use his abilities. As a showman, I thoroughly enjoyed him. As a "mentalist"? Nope.

That being said, as a radio announcer, a lot of people are mystified about how we do our jobs. I conduct tours for kids and adults alike and I tell them all that if they think they'll be disappointed once they know all our secrets, I won't take them on the tour. And I give them the analogy of magic tricks. Once you know the magician has slipped the quarter into his pocket or up his sleeve, the illusion is gone and you're never the same.

I love magic and ESP games. They're fun. And that's the point.


Do NOT get me started on a new web/computer game, you evil woman, you! LOL

Linda D. in Seattle