Wednesday, January 2, 2008

True Confessions

I have a confession. I haven't been posting and I haven't been keeping up with your blogs. Forgive me.

The question is why.

*I could say that it's because the Holidays kept me soooo busy with friends and family and cooking and baking.

I cooked mounds of food and tons of deserts. I out-did myself...and I couldn't stop. I made things from scratch! Pies and cakes and cookies, Oh my! Flour sifters and measuring cups and piles of dirty mixing bowls. The holidays are over and STILL I am being a MARTHA. I don't know what got into me, but it had better get out. Call an exorcist.

*I could say that the weather here was (underline was) so perfect here between Christmas and New Year's that it would have been a sin not to be enjoying the outdoors. The pictures are from the bay front park. By the dolphin fountain is where my son was married just one year ago.

*I could say that I have been fortunate to have received some very good reading material. I have read 3 good books in the last 6 weeks. It's a terrible vice of mine (unlike the baking that was just a fluke). When I begin a book, and it captures me within the first chapter, I do little else 'till the book is completed. Honestly...the house could be burning down around me and I would finish a chapter before getting up, grabbing probably nothing but the pages in hand and calling the fire department while running out the door flipping to the next page.

It's true. None of these are lies. I have been distracting myself from anything that I have related to MS. I have been off my Rebiff injections since the 1st week of December and it has been wonderful. Did I say wonderful?? It's been great, glorious, amazing. What a difference! I still have MS...IT always reminds me, but none of the ill effects of my previously mentioned disease modifying agent.

I was told by my cut and dry, who hates when I ask questions neuro (wish I had a replacement in the wings) to give myself a month off (how gratuitous) the interferon and then call his office (not HIM, his office) and let them know what I've decided.

He ran through a very short list of my options after giving his professional opinion that the Rebiff didn't agree with me. (Like I needed a doctor to tell me that) I asked about other therapies and options I know of and he shot them down as quick as the words left my mouth.

I know how much better I feel now without the added side effects.

I don't feel like any of HIS favored options are worth considering and he has no argument nor education to offer for any of them. It's like saying, "Pick your poison".

Having just finished reading my last book this afternoon, I may have to go buy a new one or troll the library tomorrow. The cooking has got to stop.



Stop the madness, sister! And if you need me to kill your TV so you no longer have access to Rachael Ray or Martha Stewart's Living, I'm there for you...

Glad you're back in the blogosphere...

Linda D. in Seattle

Sharon said...

Glad to hear your doing well. Someimtes when I get in those cooking, baking modes it can be dangerous because then I want to eat. Gee, I wonder why my butt is so big? Maybe I will see you at your trivia more often now. Yea!

Anne said...

Hiya Bubbie: Glad to see your post and that you are relatively MS drug free.

The MS diet, I think, is going to be very very hard for you since you like to do a lot of cooking and desserts. Because most of the diet cuts out grains, glutins, red meat, dairy --- well, you get the idea -- you can read up on it online. favorite past time. It's good for your nerves and stress too.

Stay on track, sounds like you are a lady with a mission. Good luck w/ your doc and stick to your guns.

no MS drugs, just diet, exercise, and supplements (low #RX's).

mdmhvonpa said...

Heh ... keep busy with what makes you happy ... we will still be here.

Miss Chris said...

Sometimes I go for a couple weeks without the urge to blog. It sounds like you have some good excuses though. Maybe one day I'll "borrow" one?

Merelyme said...

oh wow and double wow! you sound really do. i appreciate your honesty about the drugs and what worked and what didn't for you. you need a respite from all the MS stuff and including the blog sometimes. anyways...glad to see you back but i also applaud are finding some well deserved happiness.

Diane J Standiford said...

With those dolphins, who needs to blog? ENJOY!