Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Art-e-chokes Revisited and Completed

Alas...I have completed my second project. Although tedious, I did enjoy the process. I didn't own a digital camera when I painted before. It was fun to take shots of the piece as it went through it's stages. I always found it to be a help when I could break down a painting into it's different stages of progress, it just never happens all at once.

I'm beginning to feel like a painter again! There is a beach scene underway and a floral still life on the drawing board. My class will be over at the end of the month. I have promised myself to continue painting on my own with or without assignments. Discipline has never been my strongest suit.

Thanks to everyone for their part in cheerleading me on. It feels good to paint again.


Anne said...

The painting is absolutely wonderful, Bubbie!

Keep up the great work!!!!



I seriously thought the second to the last photo WAS a picture of the real 3D basket you were painting. My gawd, but I am impressed...

You ARE a painter/artist...always have been.

Linda D. in Seattle

Miss Chris said...

Dang girl! I can't even draw a stick figure!

mdmhvonpa said...

darn it ... now I'm hungry!

sara said...

Hi sweetheart!
Wonderful art-e-choke painting - makes me want to do more watercolors, it's nice & inspiring. I particularly like the (tomato?) fruit on the bottom right, and the shadows across the white slats.
Good blog site, I'm going to go read your "Ed" posting ; ) for a chuckle.
I Love you, my friend - so wonderful talking to you today, I've got a photo CD out & I'll email some pictures!
Love, Sara

Bubbie said...

Thank you everyone. I really appreciate being able to share this with you. It helps me to journey-on.

Your Son said...

Hey momma, I posted the final product as the background on my desktop. Everybody that passes by my cube asks me if the picture is real. They say I have a very talented momma.

Bubbie said...

My Son: Ya know I was a Momma before I was a Bubbie. You can tell your engineering cube-mates that you have a very proud Momma.