Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hope thy name is ED

I woke up this morning, made coffee and decided to catch up on my internet reading. I have Google alert me to all new articles pertaining to my interests. One category, of course, is Multiple Sclerosis. When I opened my message box of MS related news items and articles I was filled with hope. Yes HOPE! It seems that out of the 240 items Google had highlighted for me, nearly half of them were about MS and ED. Erectile Dysfunction.

Why do I, of all things feel HOPEFUL when faced with dozens of articles about flaccid penises?

If MS effects men in this particular way, if it in anyway has an ill effect on their "manhood", well then ...it MUST be stopped. Yes! A cure is on it's way!

Face it, when a disease effects a woman's sexual organs, what do they ( the medical powers that be) do? Of course! They cut them off or scoop them out. A man's organ? Do they cut them off? No. They plant little seeds.

Yes I have empathy for the men afflicted with this problem, but wait, woman with MS experience sexual dysfunction too. Many have lack of sensation and an inability to reach orgasm. But alas, my inbox has never been filled with a call to arms on that subject.


mdmhvonpa said...

LOL! ED indeed. I forget, what is the % men with MS ... and ED?

Zee said...

I thought the reason we didn't have a cure for MS yet was because the drug companies make too much money on the "treatment" to cure the disease. (And I thought I was cynical! :-D )

Seriously, though, I think you might be right. That's the worst of their worries too, I bet. I mean, forget the inability to walk or care for himself: if he can't get it up his life is a perfect graveyard!

Oy vey.

Bubbie said...

I don't know, but I heard somewhere that the % of MS bloggers with MS was less than 0..

Bubbie said...

Zee: Me? Cynical? LOL


Man...I hopped from your paintings straight into ED! "special ED" to be exact...LOL

Linda D. in Seattle