Thursday, February 7, 2008

She's gonna lose it!

Have you noticed my new ticker at the bottom of my blog? Yup..that's me, dieting.

I was inspired by one of our own infamous muses, Ms. Cheese. She posted about mindful eating a couple of weeks ago.

At first my defenses rose, and the not so little voice inside my head indignantly told me that I WAS mindful. After all...I eat healthy organic vegetarian cuisine. I buy my overpriced foods at the trendy grocery store and farmer's market. Of course I eat fats, but good fats. I eat extra virgin olive oils on my salads, locally grown avocados, and yummy olives from the gourmet olive bar. And the extra weight I have been carrying around? Well, there have been the solu drips, the oral prednisones, the pile-o-pills I take regularly, and the best exercise I can muster is walking (sauntering) my dog around the block at approximately 2-3 miles per hour, of course I have packed on a few, but at no fault of my own, right?

That changed when I logged on to my daily plate. I entered what I had been so mindfully injesting and was shocked at the caloric totals. Crap! Brown rice is healthy..but not in the deep bowl I serve myself with beans. A serving is 3/4 of a cup! That's just a tease. And pasta, albeit organic whole wheat or artichoke flour is insanely high in calories. My problem wasn't ding dongs and ho-ho's, it was unhealthy portions of the good stuff.

So, no more chugging soy milk, pouring on the olive oil, or feasting on deep bowls of rice or pasta. I decided to give it a try, just for a couple of weeks at first, just to see if it would make some pounds disappear from this body that has been increasing in size for the past 10 years. (after 40 it just started growing again)

The web site is easy to use. If I see my calorie total nearing it's max by midday, I manage to take the wild beast for another walk or two, so that I can have a decent supper and maybe a small bite of dark chocolate. So far I have been pleased with the results and surprisingly haven't chewed off my arm or threatened any one's life.

My goal is to lose one to two pounds a week, a total of 22 pounds. I gave myself some leeway, and have my do or die date set for May 1st.

Wish me luck. I'm off to buy smaller plates and bowls. Food looks bigger that way.


mdmhvonpa said...

This is going to be a long, hard trek for you. If the times get tough, try turning to the crunchy veggies. I eat celery all day long to sate my appetite.

Anne said...

I took Ms. Cheese's advice and joined the Daily Plate site too. I don't know about you but it limits me to 1400 calories a day!!

Given my puree diet, that's not too hard to achieve, but given my sendentery position, the weight is coming off ever so sloooooowly. And trust me, my portions are small because who can pig out on puree anyway!!?

I am so glad you are seeing some results. And I love the pix of your farmers market.

Keep up the good work!


Hehe...yeah, right. I sound sooo wise in your post. But if I WERE so wise, why am I fat as an EFFING WHALE?!?! LMAO

I'm still using the "plate", too. So far, I've lost 16 pounds and still working toward losing the BABY FAT I seem to have maintained since I was 3.

Maybe we should start an MS Healthy Eating Support Club? To go along with our MS Get Off Your Arse and Paint/Write/Create Club?!? Yeah, that's the ticket...

Ms. Cheese

Bubbie said...

mdmh...:definitely getting my share of fibrous raw veggies. It does work. See if I can stick it out.

Ann: wow, you're doing it too? my calorie limit is just barely over 1000. It keeps adjusting lower as I lose.

Ms.Cheese: You always sound
I'm impressed! 16 pounds already?
I don't think we have to formally form a support group. We are all already terrific, and you have already helped me enormously.

Sharon said...

Ok, my turn to check it out so I can get my arse on track. Congrats on the weight loss!