Friday, February 1, 2008

Wet Paint

This is exciting! Bubbie has been painting.
Thanks to the persistance of Ms.C . (you know who you are), I enrolled in a watercolor class at the local arts center.
To get the idea of how I have felt, let me equate it to a person who played an instrument in high school and then thirty years later can't honestly say they can "play".
I was a working professional artist for most of my years before MS. In the past five years everytime I picked up a brush I was intimidated. My eyes don't focus the same, colors are different, my hand isn't steady, can't sit/stand/fill in the blank too long, and as the time flew (slowly) by I lost my confidence, my nerve. I honestly felt like I was an artist in a previous life. I used to teach classes like the one I'm in, and now I really needed to begin as a student again. I'm regaining my confidence, remembering techniques used long ago, and spending my time productively for a change.
The top pic is of the current piece in progress. Artichokes and tomatos in a wicker basket. A tedious excercise, but I'm enjoying the challenge. This class is teaching realistic watercolor painting. Although a good skill to have in your art tool box, I would prefer to paint more fluid and spontaneously. I'm sure that I will be able to integrate my own style into my own work as I go.
The second picture is an incomplete study of one of my orchids. I'm working on building up the color to be more dynamic.
The third pic is of my very first completed assignment. Red amyarillis. Of course the very first project would be RED. I can't see reds! As it turns out, my red flowers are much deeper in color than my fellow student's. And that's OK. It was good to get that hurdle behind me.
So there you have it. This is what I have been doing for the last two weeks. Instead of updating you here on my painting progress, I will open a sister-blog to show my work.


harkoo said...

I am so delighted to see your artwork and to know you are working again--the watercolors are lovely--thanks for sharing with us!


The red amaryllis is gorgeous. Wow.

Anne said...


Absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on your new endeavor. Keep up the good work.



I am seriously crying tears of absolute love and delight...Happy Candlemas.

Blessed Be,

Ms. C

Shauna said...

They are beautiful! Please post more...

Merelyme said...

this is so wonderful to see bubbie! you are so positive and filled with energy! whatever you are having i want some too!

Sharon said...

Your work is beautiful. Glad to see your back doing something you truly enjoy. Can't wait to see more. Take care

mdmhvonpa said...

Smart AND talented!

Bubbie said...

Harkoo: Thank you! sorry , I heard from a little cheese it was your team that lost :(

Bubbie said...

Lisa and Anne,
I blushing...thanks. I seem to be on a roll. art-e-chokes are completed now and a beachscape and floral still life are well underway.

Bubbie said...

Ms.Cheese, don't cry...LOL and thank you very much :)

Bubbie said...

Shauna, I promise to post more as I go. thanks

Bubbie said...

Merelyme: I have had good energy lately, haven't I? First the Martha marathon and now this. Here's hoping wonders never cease.

Bubbie said...

mdmh...: I don't know how much is talent and how much is years of painting (pre MS) BUT I have been known to be a SMART A**.