Friday, March 7, 2008

Carnival of Bloggers

We are not alone. There are so many wonderful and interesting people out there in the blog-o-sphere, writing about life and living with multiple sclerosis.

Lisa, the creator of the Carnival of MS Bloggers (see side panel) has painstakingly put together this great list of links . Check out a few that you are not already familiar with and leave a comment on their blog. If you are a blogger that isn't on the list, please drop a line to me or Lisa and introduce yourself.
Join the Carnival.

Names of the Blogs - Name of Blogger (if known)
and # of posts in 2008 (as of 3/

9 Brand New MS Bloggers joined the blogosphere in 2008!!

New! Carole's MS Blog (Carole) 49

New! Great Mastications (Orla) 37

New! Movin' On with MS (Sammie) 26

New! Me, Myself and MS (Emma) 10

New! Being Ammey 8

New!Blogbuster (Daniel) 6

New! Etsy Crest (Shelby) 6

New! Serina's Blog 5

New! I'm Beating MS (Michael) 2

Most Prolific MS Blogger - so far in 2008!!

Jim's Deep Thoughts (Jim) 231

Top 10 Rather Prolific MS Bloggers - so far in 2008!!

A Stellarlife (Diane) 109

Multiple Synchronicities & Sclerosis (Merelyme) 90

Friday's Child 70

My Journey - Living Well with MS (Diana) 69

Sunshine and Moonlight (Kim) 65

The MonSter Ate My Branes! (Natalie) 65

Queen Mediocretia of Suburbia 60

Brass and Ivory (Lisa) 56

Brain Cheese (Linda) 52

Maybe I'm Just Lazy (Julie)51

28 Moderately Prolific MS Bloggers - so far in 2008!!

Maggsbunny (Maggie) 48

Living with Multiple Sclerosis (TC) 47

MS My Way 43

Bugs, Bikes, Brains (Shauna) 39

Dancing with MS (Lazscott) 37

Trying to Catch My Breath 37

A Florida Journal (SwampAngel) 35

Now We Are Six (Tish) 33

Reality Check (Michael) 32

Access Denied (Herrad) 31

Multiple Sclerosis Blog (Charles of 30

MS Activist (NMSS) 29

Self-injecting Chinese Hamsters since 2007 27

Shirl's the Girl (Shirley) 27

Disabled Not Dead (Anne) 26

Life with MS (Trevis) 26

Living with MS (Blinders Off) 25

White Lightning Axiom - Redux (mdm) 25

Stevers! 23

Word Salads (Have Myelin?) 23

Danieldoo (Vivian) 22

Caregivingly Yours (Patrick) 20

Deo Volente (Lisa N) 20

Down the MS Path (Vicki) 19

Do You Have That in My Size? (Denise) 17

Jenn's Nook (Jenn) 17

Fingolimod and Me (Jeri) 16

Human Life Matters (Mark) 16

51 Mildly Prolific MS Bloggers - so far in 2008!!

A Life of Learning with MS 15

Behind Blue Eyes (Zee) 15

Katy and Mike's Adventure (Katy) 15

Living Life as a Snowflake (Sharon) 15

Mandatory Rest Period (Kim) 15

MS Maze (Mandy) 15

My Journey with MS (Christina) 15

The Multiple Sclerosis Companion (Pat) 15

'Tis Herself (Kell) 15

A Short in the Cord (Joan) 14

Blindbeard's MS Blog 14

Bubbie's Blog (Cathy) 14

One Crazy Chick (Chris) 14

Pat's Pond (Pat) 14

Rants and Musings (Cutter) 14

G and K's Mom 13

MS Toolkit 13

Newly Diagnosed with MS (Andrea) 13

One Life (Stephen) 13

MS Not Just a Diary (Doug) 12

Rayne's World (Jayme) 12

Chaos Personified 11

My MS Journal (Jaime) 11

Purely Patsy (14 yr old Patsy) 11

Victoria Plum - Technician! (Victoria)11

26 Less Prolific MS Bloggers - so far in 2008!!

Broken Clay (Katja) 10

Mark Pickup (Mark) 10

My Chain Driven Ride through Life in Alaska (Michelle) 10

Deborah Does Navel-Gazing (Deb) 9

Funky Mango's Musings 9

Inside the Mind of a Squirrel 9

Living Well with MS (Michon) 9

No Time for MS (Courtney) 9

Sorting It All Out (Michael) 9

Travels With Lucy (Virginia) 9

MS Caregivers (Prudence) 8

Can You Hear Me Now? (Donna) 7

Irreverence is Justified 7

Multiple Sclerosis Notes 7

My Tysabri Diary (Lauren) 7

Chris Has MS (Chris) 6

Diary of MS X (7 Divas) 5

Electrical Disturbance (Stephan) 5

Know Multiple Sclerosis 5

MS in the OC (Frank) 5

MS News and Notes (Deb) 5

MS Recovery Diet Blog (Ann) 5

The Endomorph (Ruth) 5

The Jaws of My Life (Jaws) 5

Time to Deal with MS (Homer) 5

YodaMamma MS & More 5

38 Barely Prolific MS Bloggers - so far in 2008!!Some of these folks have multiple blogs or co-blog and are loved none-the-less!! Let's help spread the love and let them know that WE know they are appreciated.

Carolyne's MS Odyssey (Carolyne) 4

Defeating Illness (Chris) 4

Intent, Context, Perception (Chris) 4

Libbi's MS Journey (Libbi) 4

MS Recovery Diet Blog (Judi) 4

My Autoimmune Life 4

The Life & Times of Sancho Knotwise (JM) 4

The Zen Pretzel Trick (Zen Angel) 4

When it's Raining... (Keeley) 4

Kebenaran - The Truth 3

Montana Homecoming (Sister Jane) 3

Ms Quill 3

Reality Chick (Keli) 3

Catch My Disease (Lisle) 2

Clods and Pebbles 2

Dissonance 2

Georgia MS Advocates 2

Lazy Dog Public House 2

Looking Forward with MS (Pamela) 2

Surviving MS in Alaska (Michelle) 2

These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty (Trrish) 2

Troy's Multiple Sclerosis Experience 2

You Me and MS (Judi) 2

Camille's MSadventures 1

Comment Column (Virginia) 1

Erik's MS & Lyme Blog 1

Hop Bloody Hop (Philip) 1

Jenn's Journey with MS (Jenn) 1

Living with MS (Cyndee) 1

Mismorphic's World of MS 1

MS Musings 1

MS Real Life Stories & Issues (Kristin) 1

Postcards of My Life (Sherry) 1

Rebooting Times 1

Shoester (Doug) 1

The BS of My MS (Heather) 1

The Perseverant Pincushion (Trish) 1

Tysabri Help (Deej) 1

Having too many items from various posters to count:

LJ Users with Multiple Sclerosis

And finally - 26 MS Bloggers who have been silent in 2008!!

Angst on a Shoestring (Gina)

Dandelion Wine (Lynx)

Doug's MS Journal (Doug)

Imagine Bliss Butterfly (Suzy)

It's Not All in My Head (Optimist)

Just Above the Abyss (Heidi)

Life with MS , seeking a cure (Karyl)

Managing MS with Tai Chi (Joel)

Managing Multiple Sclerosis

MarciaritaMichele's Blog

Mike's Place

MS -My Scene (Virginia)

My Complications (Amanda)

My Demyelination (Tina)

My MS ExperienceObject of My Injection (Michelle)

Say It Isn't So (Mouse)

Talk Story with Kimberly

The Great NetXperimentTo Be Continued... (Jaime)

Truth and Beauty (Baraka)

Tryin' to Imagine Bliss (Suzy)

What is MS to Me (Dave)

Willy's MS RantsWind Among the Reeds

Hard to categorize:

I Have MS (Tim)

Huggins' MS Pages (James)

MS - A Personal AccountMS Protocols (Jeff)

MSB's Podcast

MSing AroundMultiple Sclerosis Blog and News

Multiple Sclerosis Sucks


It's a Disability Thing

Squiffy's House of Fun

Thank you for helping to build a stronger MS Community


Friday said...

First, thank you for visiting my blog. I'm glad you like the Sloganizer. I'm totally enamored. I can always count on it say something wonderful. *grin*

Second, I can't believe I'm on this list since I know little about my own disese. It's actually a little embarrassing. =^S I do so appreciate a list like this because I'm constantly trying to learn more. Now, if I could just retain it. lol

Take care and thanks again for visitng!

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