Thursday, March 27, 2008


My son sent me this link. His company is participating, as are many others as well as entire cities across the globe.

This may be short notice, the hour is set for this Saturday at 8 PM for whichever time zone you are in. ( No need to calculate as in Cheese-Chat)

Check out the official web page and video's that are sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund and the National Geographic at : and help to reduce your human footprint...

So, the Bubbie asks you to join me Saturday night. Turn off your lights, TV, computers, light some candles, relax and read, get together with friends, or just your favorite someone for an hour. Just don't be making more babies. Not that Bubbie doesn't love babies, it's just that (if you watch the second video) you'll be multiplying your human footprints. That means countless gallons of milk produced by countless herds of methane belching bovines, trucked endless miles to your supermarket, along with the diapers that came from countless trees, trucked hundreds of miles that eventually add tons to your local landfills and on and on.... That kinda misses the point, at least for this one hour. Have fun, but not THAT much fun.


Sharon said...

We saw this on tv. Our family will be joining in. This means Mitchell will most likely talk for the entire hour because he will say he is bored. It will be a fun hour around here.

Joan said...

Thanks, Bubbie! I was completely unaware of this.