Sunday, March 9, 2008


Miss Cheese posted that she had this song in her head. I'm betting it wasn't this version, but I always liked Joe's rendition. I just had to look it up on UTube this morning and hear it myself. Maybe I resonate with his passion and obvious spasticity. LOL

She made me think this morning about how grateful I am for all of my wonderful friends.

Along with this thread, I am also reminded that we should treat ourselves as well as we treat our friends. So many times we might find ourselves going out of our way (a good thing) for a friend in need, but often won't do the same for ourselves. My friends offer me patience, time and encouragement. I often don't allow myself the same. Let's say it's time to get over that.


Mandy Crest said...

Please visit www.msmaze and pick up your award!

Merelyme said...

so very true. one of my good friends told me that perhaps my MS would make me take better care of myself. we shall see!

so good to see you posting bubbie. i have missed you!


Awww...and YES, it was Joe Cocker I had running through my noggin! GMTA I guess...

Oh, I've got Bette Midler's "You are the wind beneath my wings" blaring in my head all because of YOU! Friendship earworms...

Linda D. in Seattle

Bubbie said...

Thank you! *blush

Bubbie said...

Although I adore the Divine Ms.M I've never found myself singing her tunes. But sing away....It's good for your soul.