Monday, March 17, 2008

still painting

I'm still painting.

(In case you thought I was being indolent) I have been good to my word.

I thought this piece was finished, but alas I have scrutinized it and realise that it needs more. The negative space on the bottom right is annoying me. Something will have to appear there.

This watercolor piece is larger than my previous postings of artichokes and florals. It measures 15" x 30".

I have 3 others in the works and will neglect blogging until more is accomplished. I have a problem you know where it comes to budgeting my time and keeping with my prioritized tasks. So, forgive me, and I'll be back soon.


Sharon said...

That is just so beautiful. It looks so real. You have a great talent.Enjoy your time.


Once again, all I've got in my vast repetroire of words is, "WOW!" Which translated means, "you're one damned excellent artist"...

Linda D. in Seattle

Anne said...

Bubbie, it actually looks like a photograph! You are an excellent artist!

The right side? I expected it to be blank because the sun shadow is on the left, which you captured so nicely.

It looks finished to me. Great work!

Bubbie said...

sharon, ms.cheese and anne:
thank you. you are very encouraging!

Joan said...

That is beautiful! The lower right is only missing your signature. My eye is drawn to the top, and I can feel a breeze blowing. WOW! Thanks for sharing.


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Merelyme said...

you did this? you are...really really good bubbie! so when will you have an art show or something?