Wednesday, May 28, 2008

back to find my routine

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My daughter and her family have returned to their home. They were here for 2 weeks, staying at a beautiful beach cottage. We had a wonderful time, even though at times, I found myself bereft of "spoons" or any other metaphorical utensil.

Being a year-round resident, I don't routinely get to the beach, even though it's not more than a 10-15 minute drive. It's a shame really. The sunsets are awesome.

Walking on the beach presents a problem. Canes sink into the soft sand . If I make it down to the water's edge , the ebb and flow can knock me off my feet if not by the force, (this is the gulf, just a big lake really) the movement makes me dizzy and lose balance. I'm afraid that if I braved a trip to the beach alone, I might be mistaken for a marine mammal that can no longer function due to exposure to a neurotoxic red tide.

So, back to find my routine...after my weeks in Ohio and the birth of another beautiful grand daughter, and my daughter's visit with my beautiful and impish first grand daughter, I have had one busy month. I'm at home collecting a new inventory of entrenching tools.



Sounds like you've had a lovely time. Spoons or no spoons, it's good for the soul.

mdmhvonpa said...

Well, even though you brought back no spoons, it sounds like you have had a good run over the vacation!


Sunsets are my favorite "sun"...with or without spoons. Very beautiful pictures! Almost reminds me of Galveston Island and a little place I call "home".

whatever...I'm just glad you're BACK!! I've missed my Bubbie...

Linda D. in Seattle

Sharon said...

Glad your back.. Spending time with family can be exhausting but so invigorating at the same time.Sometimes not having enough spoons is worth it.