Thursday, May 29, 2008

creating space

I'm not really Making space, I'm clearing my space both physically and metaphorically. I tend to become cluttered both in my physical space and in my head. Papers and books pile up in corners and on tables, while projects in different stages of of progress scream out to me, "Me first. Me first!". While in my mind, my to-do list is swimming in a cyclone of mental post-it's.

Stop. Breathe. Relax...

One thing at a time. It's not like I have to punch a clock at a job 8 hours or more a day. I have time, lots of it.

First up, finish painting projects, to make room for the others that are in line. (it's a long line)

I recently finished this painting exercise of birch trees. I'm loosening up! I have been working on turning away from the tightly rendered realistic work I've done in the past. Pushing myself to have fun with the colors and the paint.

On to the next piece.



That's so pretty. But I especially like you gallery below. Nice.

Anne said...

You are a remarkable painter/artist! Love the gallery, especially mother and child on water's edge.

Glad to see you are following your bliss.

Joan said...

Another beautiful painting! I can relate to being overwhelmed by projects to do. I am not working also and wonder why I have no free time. I recently decided that I have to return to my old ritual of writing in a journal to try to clear the static from my brain.

Thanks for the artistic release, by the way. I don't have to go to art museums any more!

Bubbie said...

Thanks Lisa,
The gallery was made using the Google/Gmail/Picasa web albums. Don't know how I'd live without Google.

Bubbie said...

Thanks Anne,
That's a pic of my daughter and grandbaby when they were here last spring. Boy! Has she grown! Hopefully it won't take me another year to paint another of them.

Bubbie said...

Thanks Joan,
I know we have chatted about this before. I think the combo of the creative mind, MS, and having no structured work day/week is a real challenge.
I used to write 3 morning pages to clear the trash that zips through my brain at the start of the day. It really helped...that and lots of lists...if only I knew where I put them.


I can't explain it, but this painting brought tears to my is beyond words. I may have to print off a small copy of it and place it by my computer.

Linda D. in Seattle

Bubbie said...

I don't know what to say... I'm touched that something I had a hand in creating had an effect that rippled your way. Feel free to copy and or screensave any of the images. Just wish my photography of them were better.

Shauna said...

Drop everything and paint. Nevermind the dishes, the laundry, whatever, just paint, darn it.....

I just love the birches. I think next year I'll contact you about doing a painting as a fundraiser for the Bike Tour. Our team usually sells tickets on baskets of goodies etc, but I'd love to have one of your paintings. Will you think about it?


Stephen said...

lovely work, and lucky you to have the time to do it - something i wish i had!

Merelyme said... are just so darn talented bubbie! you sound happy and good...i always feel uplifted everytime i visit you.

Miss Chris said...

You're so talented!