Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm a chimp

Do you know the story of The 100th Monkey? In essence , the theory goes that once a new behavior or thought is learn by a group, when learned by the 100th person/animal, a critical mass is met and the behavior or idea becomes main stream in populations that are not even geographically related to the first. The behavior/idea/thought becomes an entity unto itself, a morphic field containing that information is accessed by others at any distance.

Well, who needs distance? We have the internet, email, junk mail, television, blackberries, Madison Avenue...

*Bubbie is having a mental visual (no, I'm not hallucinating!) of morphic fields reaching critical mass and exploding! Information Overload! Danger, Danger Will Robinson! Is there a commitment specialist in the house?

The story of the actual research with the little primates learning a new behavior (washing their sweet potatoes) from an energized idea plucked straight from the ether has been said to be fiction. Fiction or not, I think it's concept is pertinent and useful. A power that could be used for good...or EEE-vil....(insert Ms. Cheese's devilish laugh) At least we wash our sweet potatoes.

You may be asking yourself, as I am, "Why the hell is Bubbie talking about monkeys and morphing, and whatever the hell else she just said?"

Me too.



Step away from the crack pipe Bubbie...that's right...step awaaaaay. (*Dialing commitment specialist union in Florida*) !!

BTW, just noticed the new tree with sunlight behind it painting! Fabulous...you are on to something here...

Linda D. in Seattle

Bubbie said...

Ms. Cheese: It could be that I just spent 4 freakin' hours in THE tube! No tellin' what those magnets really do to ya. LOL
BTW: Thanks, it (the tree) was a fun diversion

mdmhvonpa said...

Monkey see, monkey do. Charge it to Amex, my dear primate fellow!

Anne said...

Public Service Announcement:

Bubbie is not responsible for her words or actions due to four hours in the tube. It is hoped she will return to normal when the magnetic rays wear off sometime this week.

Signed, your MSer friend, Anne

Bubbie said...

Thanks for the PSA. LOL. Glad somebody understands.