Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Welcome Bubbie to the New Millenium

I've lived 50 years without a cellular phone.

Every year when a hurricane comes within 500 miles of my home, my children worry and fret when they can't reach me on my land line.

When I was stuck in Nashville Airport till the wee hours waiting for a connection (see Feel The Luv) that was the last straw. It was decided that I would be getting a cell phone. I was told it was long overdue that I join the new millennium.

I received it in the mail yesterday from my son-in-law with instructions for activation.

Well, I'm activated. I still don't know what all the buttons are for or what they do, but I can be reached now, and I can call for help or consolation if I happen to be stuck somewhere again.

And...I can always turn it OFF.



Beats a tin can and string any day! Who knows? Maybe soon you'll even be TEXT MESSAGING!!!! Scary, huh?

Linda D. in Seattle