Thursday, July 24, 2008

VERY orange vandas in watercolor

Another watercolor on Masa (rice paper)
Trying to "loosen up" by beginning with a poured/sprayed and spattered upon background and then looking for what it suggests and then coaxing it out. Only the bright orange color gave me a clue on this one. Someone else may have found something entirely different. I'm still enjoying the rice paper. It has a totally different look feel when applying paint.

Keeping the momentum going and trying to make at least one new mess a day has kept me busy and relatively healthy.
For one, it's been keeping me busy indoors where my a/c unit keeps my body temperature from rising and my nerves from shorting out. It's been a typical south Florida and humid! A new nerve (well, I'm sure it's always been there) has made it's presence known after I spent too much time out in the sun. My Trigeminal Nerve. If I could imagine it a thread, twisting inside my face, I'd find a fray of it and rip it out.

Just for fun I'm posting 3 more loose/spattered/shmooshed backgrounds that are waiting for me to figure out what they are to become. So far, not much has emerged. See what you think. It's like watching clouds go by and seeing what they resemble, or a Rorschach test to see just how twisted you really are.


mdmhvonpa said...

Sorry to hear about that 'Trigeminal' nerve issue ... hope it does resolve eventually.

Denver Refashionista said...

Awesome pics again. For the top one of the three backgrounds I think there should be a womb with a fetus cuddled inside. For the second from the top I see sea plants, corral and algae. I am not sure about the last but I think it is a pond full of algae. Check out my recent art on my refashionista page and tell me what you think.