Sunday, August 24, 2008

One more for the list

Over the years I have heard of some very odd and some very bizarre "cures" for multiple sclerosis.
Here's a new one for the list.


Yup, the soap that gets you Zestfully Clean is the secret. Who knew?

Here's the story. My good friend works at a local health food store. I myself used to work with her there. (In my previous life). I think we have heard everything from the plausible to the absurd,even with some of the legitimate products we sold, but just this weekend a customer came in and told her his secret. She couldn't wait to call and tell me. I mean, my gawd, forget the doctors, IV's, meds, needles and PT...there's ZEST!

Apparently, this gentleman, has suffered from MS for many years, but more. He places a bar of Zest soap at the foot of his bed, under the bed linens, and that, my friends, has taken away all of his pain and spastisity.

I must admit, this call could not have come at a better time. It was Saturday, and for me not a good MS day. I had been lying about all day with the BubbyHubby eating Lortabs (plural) and watching the Olympics in Beijing. I had just experienced an event that brought about an extreme event of my favorite neurological symptom. The Russian women were performing the routine that won them the gold medal in synchronized swimming, and I reacted with an agonizing attack of Emotional Incontinence. I was laughing so long and hard that it really really hurt, and that of course was enough to keep me going long after the medal ceremony.

Then the phone rang with my friend, dying to tell me (she couldn't even feign a straight face) about Zest.
"You've got to be kidding me", I spit into the phone .....
"No, I swear, he was dead it or something!"

Well, I did, and the Google Gods did not respond. Nothing, Nada, zip!
So here for all future Googlers to come...the Zest cure for multiple sclerosis! You saw it first here on Bubbies Blog!

Guess that leprechaun lied when he told me about Irish Spring.


Denver Refashionista said...

Lol. If I feel bad I'll just get me some Zest for the sheets.


huh. I kinda thought that Ivory would be the soap to battle MS. You know, totally cause Ivory Soap floats so it must be good for ya.


Well, I'll be dayumed! I always learn something new and exciting here...LOL

BTW, if you think synchronized swimming was a hoot (why, dear god is that an Olympic sport?!?), you MUST try watching Rhythmic Gymnastics...OH MY GOD BECKY!!!! A friend of mine was over Sunday afternoon and this was on...we truly WERE rolling on the floor with laughter. Can you imagine saying, "When I grow up Mommy, I want to be a rhythmic gymnast"....might as well tell your mother you want to be a the same reaction!!

Linda D. in Seattle

Vicki said...

Zest? Where is my shopping list? In bed? And we wake up cured? I didn't even know Zest was still around.

Miss Chris said...

Linda D: I was chuckling at your comments about rhythmic gymnastics. You hit it on the head with your comment! lol

Mandy Crest said...

I use Dove. I was hoping it would take the MS and fly away with it. So far, no luck.

have myelin said...

YAY! I finally got my password back!

You must be Zest-ing me. I crave me some Zest...something about the smell.

pUNKrOCKfairy said...

Apparently, we wouldn't even need the Zest if we had just avoided soda.(Cola, pop, or whatever you like to call it. Growing up in DC, it's all coke to me.) A well-meaning family member thought she had me cured recently by forwarding an email claiming that soda causes MS. She was disappointed when I told her I've never cared for the stuff. Thank god she didn't want me to quit beer!

Maybe I can make her feel better by switching to ZEST.