Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm back and with a New Web Addiction

I'm back, and much to the joy of my furry creature.

He was pissed that I was leaving and camped out in my suitcase attempting to stowaway. I had a great time with my son, daughter in law, new baby girl, my daughter and her adorable 2 year old. We did the zoo, the parks, the university, and the pool. Also shopping, cooking and some hanging out. Love them dearly, but alas, I'm glad to be home. I crashed...knew I would, but nothing a little rest didn't fix.

So, my new web find...
No, I didn't find a new "liberal arts" site.

A friend turned me onto a site I love, and as an added bonus it doesn't keep me glued to the screen or the keyboard. I can keep busy at my desk or easel and enjoy it without even looking. (Unlike the hours that have been lost to games somebody's sister posted. You know who you are.)

The site is Pandora - The Music Genome Project. Intrigued by the title? I was too. Try it out. You log on, plug in a few names of your favorite singers or songs (even the obscure) and it begins streaming audio of music it chooses based on your preferences. If it plays something you don't like, give it a thumbs down, and it recalculates and plays something else in the genre of your choosing. You actually create your own radio stations, with no audible commercials.

I have one station that's mellow with ballads and folksingers and another one full of heinous rock and roll complete with trashy electric guitar solos. The oldies mix with the new. Folkies playing now...John Prine, Townes Van Zandt, Robert Earl Keen to Cat Stevens and Donovon.

I think music is therapeutic. I usually play CD's but my library is limited. I listen to public radio, but have to leave when they start playing polka or droning on about global warming or politics. ( I get my news from Jon Stewart LOL) My vinyl collection is huge, but changing the disc on the turntable isn't conducive to working, so this is a great find.

Speaking of working, I'm still at it. I completed two large canvases of Italian landscapes for a commission before I left. Sorry can't share, I don't own the copy write...it was work for hire. Not a big deal, I was a hired brush, much like in my previous life. Money is good though, but I prefer to play on my own without fulfilling someone else's expectations.

I have three works in progress at the moment and will share when I decide one is done. (always hard to tell)


Denver Refashionista said...

Pandora does rock. Love the photo too. I hope your vacation get you a much needed mental rejuvenation.

Anne said...

Whoo hoo! Working at break neck pace I see. And you were afraid to pick up the paintbrush again!

"You'll never know until you try." (I have absolutely no idea who said that quote!)

Miss Chris said...

Love the photo. And I'm glad your back on the blog!

pUNKrOCKfairy said...

Oooooh! I keep hearing about this Pandora, but have resolved not to pick up another addiction until I've worked the new complusion to read/write blogs constantly into my norm.

Merelyme said...

I am so glad you had a nice time miss bubbie. I had heard of that music site but never really delved into it. I will check it out again.

have myelin said...

even deafies love music but i have too many additions. however i have it on my "list of addictions to become addicted" to list. :-)