Monday, October 20, 2008

more from the road...


To continue the sage of my two week road trip, the first location we purposely made a stop at was Todd, North Carolina. You may not find it on your map. I only found one other reference to it on Google. This general store is about all there is to see except for the beautiful surrounding countryside. I had been there once before many years ago, and wanted to return.

From Todd, we went north to cross the state line into Virginia. Virginia's gas stations had gas, western North Carolina didn't most of the time. I had no interest in running out of gas on some rural mountain road.

The last two pictures in the previous post were taken on route 58 going east in Southern Virginia. A very pretty drive if you have the time to avoid interstates like we did.

I'll let you off the hook for the locations pictured in this post.The first is Clarksville, Virginia. We stayed on Buggs Island Lake. At this point we just relaxed for a day. Had a very nice dinner and walked the historic downtown. After driving all the curvy mountain roads it was a nice change to be back on flatter land. The only problem I had with the area is that it was totally devoid of cell phone towers. Everyone had to guess where we were and when we might be expected.

The next stop was Virginia Beach. The giant statue of Neptune is located at the board walk by 31st. It was a beautiful day to walk the boardwalk.
We spent a couple of nights there before moving on.

Now you may have noticed my new flagrant attempt at self promotion to the side of my blog. Yes, I have registered on Zazzle. I had designed the poinsettia painting to be reduced as a holiday card, so when a certain Ms. Fromage (today I'm French, just yesterday I was British) suggested I sell some things on zazzle, I went over to check it out. It would be nice to make a little extra moola from my efforts, so...oila! I'm zazzling