Thursday, October 30, 2008

The most important question

At first I briefly considered not posting this. Then I had to wonder why. I have been helping out at the local "get out the vote" headquarters. If you know me, you know where I stand. I respect your right to your opinion and expect mine to be respected in turn.
And...after all, this IS Bubbie's Blog! It's my soapbox, so I'm standing up!


Denver Refashionista said...

Good message. I'm glad you posted this.


Very moving video...and, BTW for what it's worth. Your "patriotism" is refreshing.

Linda D. in Seattle

About Me. said...

Interesting video. I wish someone would point out how our economy was doing two years ago before the Democrats took over congress.
I also wish someone would explain to me what makes Obama qualified to serve as president. I have a friend in Irag who was present when Obama visited his post. Obama did not say ONE word to any of the troops, did not shake any hands, nothing. He walked past the men and women like they were invisible. He went into a tent and at lunch and CAKE and then left. NOT ONE WORD TO THE TROOPS! Please watch this video.
If this link does not work since I am not very computer savvy, just go to my blog where I have the video posted. My blog address is below my name.
I too have MS and am concerned with many issues facing our country. I wish you the best of luck and I truly do enjoy your blog.
Have a groovy week!