Thursday, October 9, 2008

vacation pics

and then...

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I'm back! We were gone two weeks. Our travel itinerary changed last minute due to a nor easter and then by the availability of gas at the pumps. All and all we had a great time, wandering through five states on the roads less traveled.

I took over 400 photos. For fun, I've decided to chose two pics from each interesting location and see if they are recognized by any of you loyal Bubbie-heads (all three of you).

To be fair I'll tell you that we drove from Florida and never strayed from states that had borders on the Atlantic. One of these days I vow to venture west of the Mississippi, maybe next year.


Miss Chris said...

I'm guessing the last pic is Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge Mountains?


How 'bout venturing as far as the West Coast? There's always room for a Bubbie and a Bubbie Hubby here!

Linda D. in Seattle