Saturday, October 11, 2008

vacation stops 3 &4


Here a two pics each of the next two stops on our trip.

I have been getting reorganized (as if I ever actually was organized) now that we're home. Provisions to buy and cook. Clothes to launder and bills to pay.
Speaking of food, I miss eating out. All in all a delightful experience. There was not one "hairy" incident! Of course we stayed off the main highways and ate more at locally owned establishments than the famous chains that are always placed near the exits.

As I said, I took over 400 pictures in two weeks, so I have tons of reference material to draw from and I am anxious to begin painting again.

My health has been good. I've had no MS problems. Well, no new problems. I think I'm just getting used to what has decided to stay with me. The lack of humidity, and the cooler temps made me so much more comfortable. I did a fair share of walking, and very little of it on flat terrain.

Not shocking, and true to Bubbie form, I went to work yesterday for the Campaign for Change/Obama office downtown. I spent the morning making calls. I feel like I need to do some small part, given the state of the union. My speech was good, no stumbling for words and sounding like the village idiot. As long as I'm in good form I'll go back more next week.

Now for the answers to the last post....
The first stop was Chimney Rock. Personally, I don't see the resemblance to a chimney, but who would name it Pud or Stubby?
The second stop was the town of Burnsville. A cute mountain community with a downtown square that was having a quilt show when we arrived. Upon learning that it was a dry county, it quickly lost it's charm and we were off...


Denver Refashionista said...

Sounds like the vacation did you good. I'm glad you are feeling well and finding meaningful ways to spend your time.

Miss Chris said...

More great pics. Thanks for posting.

pUNKrOCKfairy said...

Beautiful! I'm insanely jealous, but still looking forward to more photos.


Bubbie time...almost sounds like a beer commercial. :-) LOL

Linda D. in Seattle