Friday, December 12, 2008

It isn't easy being GREEN !

It isn't easy being GREEN !

I try to live simply. I try to tread lightly on this earth. I changed all my electric light bulbs to energy efficient ones. I buy organic foods that are grown locally whenever possible. I shop with what is now suddenly trendy. I use shopping bags that are cloth or made of recycled pop bottles instead of bringing home more plastic bags.

When I was using injectable MS drugs, I was told by my county to just put the used syringes in a discarded detergent bottle and put it in with my regular trash. Syringes going to the landfill? In my county that's what they do. There aren't any provisions set up for medical waste pickup for incineration. Considering the many drugs that are now being perscribed that are injectables and the aging population of this particular county, I can only assume there is a mountain of medical waste in our landfill. It's not a priority for them to budget more money for separate disposal. Less than a mile away, the county to the south of me has many drop off points for people to take their used syringes where they will be sent for incineration.

Back to the bags...

As a responsible pet owner, I walk my dog and pick up after him. I have been purchasing biodegradable poop bags instead of using the plastic grocery bags that I no longer get and collect. On a recent rip to the mega health and grocery store I saw that they also have biodegradable kitchen and trash bags. They are made from corn. Pretty cool, but pretty pricey. It seems you have to have plenty of green to be green.

Then I looked at the company info on the back of the bio-green pet-poopy bags to see if there was a web address for possible future online purchases (saves gas) and was agast to see that they were made in China.

I know I have drain bamage, BUT does this make sense to you? I wasn't aware that China was a big corn producer. That's our big export. So lets follow this gigundous carbon footprint--------->

Corn grown in Iowa (maybe)---------->Trucked to the west coast of USA----------> Loaded on a freighter------------->travels to a port in Asia--------->travels by truck, rail or rickshaw to some interior city----------->made into trendy biodegradable poop-bags by child labor sucking corn dust ---------> bags are trucked,railed or rickshawed back to an Asian port city---------->loaded on a freighter--------> comes back to a US port---------is trucked to a distribution center------->is trucked to my local mega health food/grocery store where I pay way to much for it.

How's that for a Behemoth carbon footprint???



Ok, Bubbie,

You tripped me up with this one - "drain bamage." Boy howdy, tough stuff.

Miss Chris said...

I impressed by your commitment to the environment! I try but am not as good at it as you.

Merelyme said...

wow...that is some story. you should be a journalist. this would make an excellent news story.

you are is expensive to be green...expensive to try to be healthy...oh is just expensive to live nowadays.

have myelin said...

my mom has lupus and ra and she said it's too hard to be green, they want me to wash out the cans and plastic bottles...

well, how much water is SHE wasting? and how green can a disabled person go? it's a valid question really.

we all try our best. blah.

good post bubbie.

herrad said...

Hate the way food and other items are brought from all over the globe. We never buy green beans from Kenya. Too many air and road miles attached to our food supply.
Take care and keep warm and happy
Have a happy Winter Solstice and a great Christmas.




Denver Refashionista said...

You really raise some excellent points here. It is not easy being green...

Merelyme said...

Just stopping by to wish you a joyful holiday!

I am glad you put how to follow your blog...I had no clue how to do this!