Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I'm a generous person. I'll share my toys, time , a meal, ideas, inspiration, money (if I have any).
We were all taught to share. Remember Show-and-Tell?
What I have come to realize is how uncomfortable it is to share my burdens and fears, even to those who genuinely want to understand and be of help. The closest I come to sharing anything about my life with Multiple Sclerosis is in the pages of this blog. It's safer here, anonymous, and I'm preaching to the choir in a sense.
Nearly everyday I come in contact with someone who believes they know what having this disease means only to find out within moments that they haven't a clue. I understand...I had no idea before this became very personal. Even with all the information out there, it's information that only those effected by the disease is looking to understand.
Do I inform them? Not usually. I sometime feel as though I should if only to justify my actions or more likely my inaction's.
Also, I have an enormous problem with what I consider WHINING. On the flip side, the world doesn't need another long suffering, silent MARTYR. So when I was alerted by Google of this MS post from the NY TIMES I was moved by not necessarily by what these MS patients said, but that they said it. Honestly and openly. I understand them, but unfortunately, I'm a member of the choir.



Miss Chris said...

I know what you mean and completely agree.


Madam Bubbie,

As always, you are the air traffic controller of excellent MS landings! I never would have found the NY Times article on my own and I appreciate YOUR words of wisdom as well about the topic.

Rock on...

Linda D. in Seattle

Bubbie said...

Ms Cheese...you called me "madam"...lol. Just looked at your new feline icon.lmao