Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Christmas in July

Have you looked at the calender? It's almost August! Back to school shopping has begun. Soon you will see Halloween candy displayed on the store shelves, and before you know it, it's Christmas.

Every year, somewhere post Turkey Day I swear that I will get a jump on my holiday shopping "NEXT year", I swear it! Regardless of my good intentions, my memory is short. I end up scrambling for those perfect gifts that I thought of, searched for and then bookmarked months before often purchasing something entirely different at the last minute.

I also start to think about what I could realistically make for holiday presents. Please...something besides the frenzy of mixing and baking. I'm thinking of printing sets of note cards. I'll let you know if that pans out.

I make a point of buying things that you can't get in a big box store. I don't want to fuel the Asian economy. I like handmade items. I like to shop local farmers markets, ebay and etsy. I have found fun t-shirts and clothing items, handmade soaps, and these one of a kind birdhouses that are made by a very good, artiste friend of mine.
Take a look and see what you like. Maybe you'll be inspired to avoid the last minute holiday frenzy.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Proud Bubbie

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Exactly one year ago, I posted about the little one that gave me my blogging moniker. She was very intently decorating the sidewalk with chalk.
As you can see she has grown, and she has expanded her skills in more mediums. Here she is happily exploring her new set of watercolors.
That makes me one proud Bubbie!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

VERY orange vandas in watercolor

Another watercolor on Masa (rice paper)
Trying to "loosen up" by beginning with a poured/sprayed and spattered upon background and then looking for what it suggests and then coaxing it out. Only the bright orange color gave me a clue on this one. Someone else may have found something entirely different. I'm still enjoying the rice paper. It has a totally different look feel when applying paint.

Keeping the momentum going and trying to make at least one new mess a day has kept me busy and relatively healthy.
For one, it's been keeping me busy indoors where my a/c unit keeps my body temperature from rising and my nerves from shorting out. It's been a typical south Florida summer....hot and humid! A new nerve (well, I'm sure it's always been there) has made it's presence known after I spent too much time out in the sun. My Trigeminal Nerve. If I could imagine it a thread, twisting inside my face, I'd find a fray of it and rip it out.

Just for fun I'm posting 3 more loose/spattered/shmooshed backgrounds that are waiting for me to figure out what they are to become. So far, not much has emerged. See what you think. It's like watching clouds go by and seeing what they resemble, or a Rorschach test to see just how twisted you really are.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cognitive Dysfunction ?

I adore Tom Rush, and when a friend sent me this video I had to post it.
I'm sure the causes are probably VERY different but the effects are much the same.
Still you have to find the humor in it.

Cognitive Dysfunction is one of the more scary symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. It used to be thought that cognitive dysfunction was relatively rare symptom of the disease but it is now understood to be quite a common feature.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

works in progress

More work in progress. I'm still playing with loosely applied backgrounds of watercolor on rice papers. These are just in their beginning stages. They are at the point where you really don't like them and wonder where the hell they're going. My plan is not to become too invested in the outcome and fearlessly explore the possibilities. I'm having fun.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008



I have still kept up with my promise to continue painting. I've had several events lately, besides MS that have sidetracked my efforts. Even so, I have several works in progress. This particular one was an experiment with painting oriental rice paper (masa) with watercolors.
Now that I know how the paints react, I'll be trying other subjects and styles.
If you look at my "galleria" you can see that I have been playing with many different styles of painting with watermedia. I hadn't painted in many years, and almost NEVER painted for the plain and simple sake of creating. I always had a commission, an art director or designer dictating what I was painting and what it was to look like. Yes...I was a prostitute, an art whore.
Well, now...thanks to my abundance of time, my inability to work and my monthly check from Social Security, I am free to explore all creative possibilities.
It's really quite daunting. It's one thing when you are pleasing someone else, another when the blank page is yours alone.
I am enjoying this journey of self discovery.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

At My Door

I am not a writer of prose or poetry, but these words seemingly wrote themselves with my own hand while having my morning coffee one day last week.

It has been almost a year since I began this blog, and I have been reluctant to write about MS and how having it effects me on a level any deeper than in silly metaphors or laughs and digs at the doctors and drug companies.

So, on the almost birthday of Bubbie's Blog, I'll share this with you.

At My Door

I removed myself from you
Played a game
It's all a game
Led you to a faraway place and
Left you there
Locked myself away to stay untouched
still scarred, un-knowing you

I heard you many times
Knocking at my doors
Rattling my windows

Wearing the mask of normalcy
I turned my music up
Closed my eyes
Busied myself in the days and
Drugged myself in the nights
Anything to deny you
To make you a distant memory

But you are always there

Like quicksilver you seep into my safe haven
Waiting for me as I wake
Inserting yourself in my days
Making me question my tomorrows

I can't run from you
Wish you away
Disguise myself or surround myself with anyone who does not know of you

You are undaunted
Unafraid of the weapons and arsenals given me for my protection
I hear you laughing
Can you feel me weep?