Monday, December 29, 2008

'Tis the Season....

NOT to be unwell.

Just as poor Joseph heard that there was no room at the Inn for he and his very pregnant wife, don't expect a doctor in South Florida to have an opening to see you until the snowbirds all fly back north.

In this vacation paradise (and I use that word loosely) our population begins to explode as soon as the first frost settles on the northerners' pumpkins. Of course the population that can live in both worlds is made up of the aging baby boomers, who along with their age related ailments bring the dreaded snowbird flu. They come down to play golf, tennis, walk on the beach, play bridge and fill their specialists' appointment books for their host of chronic ailments.

What that means for a permanent resident like myself is that if you become unwell during the holidays with anything short of having to be rushed to the hospital while they prepare your toe tag, you will wait for the next available appointment. You might be resurrected around Easter.

Friday, December 12, 2008

It isn't easy being GREEN !

It isn't easy being GREEN !

I try to live simply. I try to tread lightly on this earth. I changed all my electric light bulbs to energy efficient ones. I buy organic foods that are grown locally whenever possible. I shop with what is now suddenly trendy. I use shopping bags that are cloth or made of recycled pop bottles instead of bringing home more plastic bags.

When I was using injectable MS drugs, I was told by my county to just put the used syringes in a discarded detergent bottle and put it in with my regular trash. Syringes going to the landfill? In my county that's what they do. There aren't any provisions set up for medical waste pickup for incineration. Considering the many drugs that are now being perscribed that are injectables and the aging population of this particular county, I can only assume there is a mountain of medical waste in our landfill. It's not a priority for them to budget more money for separate disposal. Less than a mile away, the county to the south of me has many drop off points for people to take their used syringes where they will be sent for incineration.

Back to the bags...

As a responsible pet owner, I walk my dog and pick up after him. I have been purchasing biodegradable poop bags instead of using the plastic grocery bags that I no longer get and collect. On a recent rip to the mega health and grocery store I saw that they also have biodegradable kitchen and trash bags. They are made from corn. Pretty cool, but pretty pricey. It seems you have to have plenty of green to be green.

Then I looked at the company info on the back of the bio-green pet-poopy bags to see if there was a web address for possible future online purchases (saves gas) and was agast to see that they were made in China.

I know I have drain bamage, BUT does this make sense to you? I wasn't aware that China was a big corn producer. That's our big export. So lets follow this gigundous carbon footprint--------->

Corn grown in Iowa (maybe)---------->Trucked to the west coast of USA----------> Loaded on a freighter------------->travels to a port in Asia--------->travels by truck, rail or rickshaw to some interior city----------->made into trendy biodegradable poop-bags by child labor sucking corn dust ---------> bags are trucked,railed or rickshawed back to an Asian port city---------->loaded on a freighter--------> comes back to a US port---------is trucked to a distribution center------->is trucked to my local mega health food/grocery store where I pay way to much for it.

How's that for a Behemoth carbon footprint???

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I'm a generous person. I'll share my toys, time , a meal, ideas, inspiration, money (if I have any).
We were all taught to share. Remember Show-and-Tell?
What I have come to realize is how uncomfortable it is to share my burdens and fears, even to those who genuinely want to understand and be of help. The closest I come to sharing anything about my life with Multiple Sclerosis is in the pages of this blog. It's safer here, anonymous, and I'm preaching to the choir in a sense.
Nearly everyday I come in contact with someone who believes they know what having this disease means only to find out within moments that they haven't a clue. I understand...I had no idea before this became very personal. Even with all the information out there, it's information that only those effected by the disease is looking to understand.
Do I inform them? Not usually. I sometime feel as though I should if only to justify my actions or more likely my inaction's.
Also, I have an enormous problem with what I consider WHINING. On the flip side, the world doesn't need another long suffering, silent MARTYR. So when I was alerted by Google of this MS post from the NY TIMES I was moved by not necessarily by what these MS patients said, but that they said it. Honestly and openly. I understand them, but unfortunately, I'm a member of the choir.