Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Never Mind

For the last two weeks I have been attempting to post a new blog entry updating you loyal readers about my "about-face" diagnosis and how things are going. It's been interesting...and it will be if Blogger ever lets me publish it. It's not being censored, it just isn't cooperating with me. Whole paragraphs of delightful and witty thoughts have vanished before my eyes. And since delightful and witty thoughts are not easy for me to come by these days...well you will just have to wait for the upcoming (someday) post entitled "Bubbie-itis".

The Bubbster is going on a don't be holding your breath and turning blue in anxious anticipation.

See you next month.


Jen said...

I'm such an exciting haus frau and mamma (to a cat) that I was here on the computer as your post popped up on Google Reader...Ahhhhhh....Then I read that you are STILL not posting....OHHHH.

Have fun, Bubbie!

Miss Chris said...

Come back soon!

Anne said...

Have a great to you when you get back.


Denver Refashionista said...

I am bursting in anticipation but I'll try not to hold my breath.

Herrad said...

Hi Bubie,

Hope you are having a good vacation.

Have Myelin? said...

And I was looking forward to reading about the *itis. LOL. I have a dirty mind here! HA!

Vicki said...

Oh, but I am turning blue with anticipation!