Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Post-itis Zen Bubbie

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Ahhhhhhh. Deep breath. Ahhhhhh.

These pictures were taken at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens.

I haven't posted in so long. I guess time does appear to fly when you're having fun. I feel good.

I am good.

My guess is that I identified this blog with my physical body and it's problems, or my problems dealing with it. If I had nothing to say along those lines, I didn't know what to say. SO...I am no longer identifying myself as a person with MS. That was easy, because that's what the recent physical evidence proved, and I was more than willing to let it go. Is it coincidence that I feel good? Did I buy into an illusion? Am I willing to not allow another to replace it?

The Bubbie has been pondering this and more...

MEANWHILE, back to life on earth:

I'm awaiting to hear the news tomorrow . My daughter is having her 2nd ultrasound that will reveal the gender of the baby. We'll see if I bought the right color yarn for the blanky I'm making.

I got a call this morning from my cousin. She and my Aunt liked my Poinsettia Christmas cards last year so much that they would like to put in an order for some to send themselves. This gave me a new project and direction. I can't just recycle last years holiday image. I have to get busy and paint more! It's mid August! I'd better get busy.

Chop wood, carry water? Chop water, carry wood?

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